What diseases should a healthy adult be vaccinated against?

Tetanus, i.e. stiffness, diphtheria, poliomyelitis.These are the most important vaccinations of all. These vaccinations should be refreshed every 10 years. Infection with Clostridium tetani can already be triggered by trivial injuries and often is fatal. Since almost everyone is vaccinated against it and injured, who are treated surgically, are always vaccinated in case of doubt, the disease has disappeared from people’s consciousness. You can’t eradicate the diseases because these bacteria are present virtually everywhere.

Diphtheria and poliomyelitis could be contained by vaccinations.That is why they hardly occur today, or hardly any more, the protection exists above all because more or less the entire population is vaccinated by, so that it is hardly possible to pass on the infection.

Poliomyelitis actually only occurs where parents with aluminium hats decide not to vaccinate their children and consider it an intelligent decision to put their children at risk of infection for ideological reasons, usually leading to death. or leads to lifelong paralysis.

Vaccinations against measles, mumps and rubella are also useful, this vaccination is usually carried out as a combination vaccination of all three diseases, individual vaccines are currently not available.It makes sense to contain and, if possible, eradicate the rubella, because this disease leads to severe deformities in the child in pregnant women. Can’t lead, but leads.

Measles and mumps are viral diseases that often lead to complications such as meningitis.Mumps is the most common cause of childhood deafness. In addition, mumps can damage the germ glands, which can lead to reproductive incapacity in men and women. Those who have gone through these diseases usually no longer need vaccination, as lifelong immunity is to be assumed.

Vaccination against hepatitis B, a serious form of liver inflammation that can lead to liver destruction and liver cancer, only makes no sense for those who are quite sure they will never come into contact with other people’s bodily fluids.Since we all do not know whether we do not even need foreign blood or fresh plasma after an accident or an operation, there is actually no one who is actually able to use sexual abstinence, a non-health workplace and stricter First aid services in the event of accidents can say that this vaccination does not make sense for him.

Vaccination against influenza, i.e. against the real flu, must be repeated every year.This has to do with the change in viruses. Apart from the charge that was delivered during the swine flu epidemic at the time, the vaccination is well tolerated. It often causes for one to two days the feeling of dullness and a nasty infection, who has already experienced the flu and one and a half to two weeks with high fever, severe headaches, limb pain, respiratory symptoms and severe feeling of illness in bed, the small inability that causes the vaccination will prefer this condition. Of course, the flu can also lead to additional complications, such as pneumonia.

Because of the risk of pneumonia, vaccination against their important pathogens hemophilus influenzae is recommended for elderly and lung-sick people.

STIKO also recommends that every adult be vaccinated against Bordetella pertussis, the causative agent of whooping cough.Due to the good tolerability, this vaccination is also recommended, whooping cough is long-lasting and can also lead to pneumonia.

In areas where the ticks carry the pathogen of early summer meningoencephalitis, vaccination against FSME is strongly recommended, unless you never leave the house.Since the contamination of ticks with FSME is spreading in Germany, I also consider this vaccination to be recommended. Vaccination is very well tolerated, it is confronted with a serious and untreatable disease, which, as the name suggests, leads to inflammation of the meninges and the brain.

Whether vaccination against HPV 16, the human papillomavirus 16, which can lead to malignant tumors in the genital area, throat and larynx, also makes sense for adults is still a matter of debate.Currently, teenagers of both sexes are vaccinated, and astonishingly, despite their usual resistance to facts, the officials of the statutory health insurance funds have now understood that it does not make sense to vaccinate only the girls if you Cervical cancer, as cervical necks miraculously sometimes come into contact with the secretions of male genital organs (let’s not mention that a penile carcinoma is not a nice disease either.)

Have I forgotten anything relevant?

Diphtheria and polio are evil infectious diseases,

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