What did you learn from your relationship with a narcissist?

I had to learn to just stay with myself.

The emergencies or needs of the narcissist do not affect me because they are their problems.

If I was too good-natured, I was exploited.

I have learned to set limits and not neglect my needs.

Today, i can be more alone because I no longer have to say yes.That is a significant advantage.

If I distance myself today, I am at the pures

For me it is very important: If you don’t get along with something, try to look at it from the outside, only in this way you get the view again.

Then something much more important.I have to learn to love myself first. As I am, with all the positives and also with my mistakes and quirks.

Oh yes and never be a victim again.Also something I hope I have learned.

Mmh… Relationship in the true sense is the wrong word.Let’s call it work.

I worked for two narcissists at the same time.Narcissus A was my boss, Narcissus B was my team lead.

A and B always agreed… even if this was shit and could not be occupied.

In short, I got a fat burnout at some point.

Learning: Pull the rip line early enough when you notice that you are in a fight with windmills.No employee relationship is worth a burnout.

Since there can be no real relationships with normal people for a true narcissist, there can be no right answer to this question.

Never forget: in a real narcissist’s heart there is only room for himself.

In hindsight, I have learned nothing, except the painful experience that it is getting worse. Lies, cheating, etc. My conclusion of the episode (it was 4 cold winter months) the winter passed well with my ex N , I wanted to re-relationship after the terrible last summer I only spent in the KH.That’s probably why I was confronted with the N. I quickly saw through his nasty game and now I laugh at his poor being, which is still trying to get back to me. Of course unsuccessful. Sure I’m still a bit battered, but with each day it gets better.

Quora Goal: Share knowledge.I do not have any medical approval, but I know, among other things, thanks to the health profession, that there is no diagnosis of “narcissism”, according to ICD 10.

Fairytale book is, of course, familiar to me.

Conclusion: I cannot have a relationship “contract of good faith” with narcissists or with virtual victim actors who do not provide verifiable facts, witnesses, no legal judgment in their own case.

I do not examine self-described narcissists here either.It’s like self-described gays (not a legal term) to which I don’t hold candles. A bit bi never hurts. 🙂

I deny my income, not even with faith-appropriate martyrish.If there was no questioning otherwise, then at the latest.

That I have to listen more to myself and not everything that is supposed to be wrong with me must also be wrong

Understanding yes, but by the way not exactly my thing.

It showed me exactly what I need in a relationship and also what I can NOT use at all….

Nothing, because I’ve never had that relationship.

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