What did you learn from your grandfather or grandma?

My grandmother said: The Rooster crows, but it is the chickens that lay the eggs.

What I found very funny was, that if there was a salesman at the door, she did or she was deaf.What? Who is there?) I’ll also do that later when I’m old.

My grandmother, like no other, has taught me to love:


To write

and tell.

As a little kid I was there almost every afternoon.

We were both quietly reading on the couch.

My grandmother, mainly in novels and detectives.

I, in comic books.

My grandma read with the speed of light.

Every week she was also found in the library for new titles.

When she fell badly, I accompanied her.

Every Saturday morning, my grandmother and I, arm in arm, to the library.

Her eyes went backwards so there were big letterbooks at some point in the house.

This made her grumpy, because the choice in large letter books was of course less large.

When her eyes went back even further, I started reading my grandmother.

She thought it was nice for me that I ended up studying in Paris, and at a later stage in Seoul.She asked me to keep writing her regularly.

So there followed every week…

From Paris,

From Seoul,

A handwritten letter, which I understand, would eventually be read by the whole family with great hilarity.

Sebastian could write quite nicely, she found. And my family did agree with that.

At the funeral of my grandmother, four years ago, this eventually all came together.

I have written a speech and pronounced it for a hundred men.

I have let the room cry and laugh.

My grandmother would have been proud of me.

From grandpa learned that smoking is dirty and bad for you, so never smoked and grow vegetables.From grandma learned how it was during the Second World War and how you survive a hunger winter.

My grandmother (on fathers side) always said “Do not complain but bear, and pray for strength”

Life is not always easy.You can make it better by doing some, or you can make it worse by complaining.

Do you prefer to make your life better or worse?

Most of the people today (and maybe always do) complain rather, because that’s easy.They blame an external factor, set themselves up as helpless victim. There you will not go any further, anyway in a socialist society or a bit, but not much, and it is strongly at the expense of your self-esteem.

From my grandpa with bow and arrow shooting the land and slaughter chickens.From my grandmother that I always had to continue learning and emigrating so had his limitations.

Grandpa was a businessman who always told me that in people you are in their eyes worth what you have in pockets..

Me grandma always told me I had to watch out for girls with glirifying eyes and a red gloedje on their cheeks.. They have flu lol!

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