What did you do when you were a child that today’s children no longer know?

Yes, yes, I still know, although not everything…

Adults sometimes make the past more beautiful and better than it ever was

It’s like a journey back in time for me when I’m thinking about entering a certain part of my past

Playing is a learning field for social behavior:

What were the children’s playing habits like in the 50/60s

I didn’t feel a shortage at the time.I didn’t know what ‘more’ is.”” Inside” the spectre of boredom was constantly threatening. Quite different “outside”. “Outside” was leisure with a touch of freedom.

Today, children often spend their free time with geocaching, skateboarding or computer games.

When our grandchildren ask, I tell them the following:

Playing with marbles was the best!Our sidewalks were not yet paved, so you could dig holes in. We lived in a small town

Play Marble:

There are many different ways to play with marbles. For example: You dig a small hole and smooth it a little. From a starting line, each player now tries to hit the hole. Whoever needs the fewest attempts or sinks the most marbles has won. There were the cheap marbles, which were made of cardboard mesh and the precious ones for us made of colorful, iridescent glass. You could also exchange.

Skipping rope:

The skipping rope is also a very old play equipment.With a short rope you can jump alone, a long one is swung by two children, the third child jumps.

to ripen:

Many children also enjoyed themselves with a tyre.You need a tire could also be a bike rim if you found one and a stick. The tire is driven forward with the stick. Of course, he must not fall over. You can also build an obstacle course for this. Also popular were stilts.


We had a TV and the neighbors were invited to watch with us.The world in black and white, I called it and, when I was still very small, could not understand how people got into television. PS: I also looked behind the TV and created a laugh from those present

to climb:

No tree was too high for us, no forest too far away.Anyone who trusts children in something strengthens their self-confidence. Only those who expose themselves to dangers will also learn to assess them and avoid them in the future. My husband kept to it when dealing with our children. I less, but I trusted them a lot.

The ball:

The ball was certainly the most important fixture outside.But there were also gyroscopes and marbles, Diabolos and the very popular box hopping

We loved the loveof snow.We were lucky enough to grow up with many white winters. It was wonderful to roll around in the white mass.

With the pocket money to the kiosk – today: online shopping.Pocket money didn’t exist much, but at least we could take a look at the adult magazines and have fun and always be accompanied by girlfriends *laugh

When we were bored, we rang the neighbours – without dating or calling and, of course, without parents.

Children’s time is getting more and more planned, unfortunately.At the same time, parents cannot and must not prevent their children from going to school alone, if possible. Times are changing rapidly, logically. We must not turn a blind eye to the zeitgeist of progress. We, the elders, would narrow us down, because the view for the new remains closed.

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