What confuses you most about people?

People who can ignore all science in favor of their own simplified belief system.

Let me start withFlat-Earthers.

These people can be given all sorts of reasons why the earth is round.They can be shown a horizon, they can be shown calculations, they can be seen all other celestial bodies in the universe. But in the end they will ignore all the evidence and believe what they want tobelieve.

In themselves, they are quite harmless.They are willing to ignore thousands of years of cumulative human progress in science, but their beliefs do at least not cause much harm to others. I would actually be much more irritated about them, but their existence leads to unforgettable memes like this:

Image source[1

Image source[2

Image source[3

However, things get more complicated when they actively try and tell others (especially the gullible) that they want to join their faith.

Still don’t see a problem in that?

People are guided by false “evidence” and a sense of belonging.

They want to feel that someone is accepting their belief system, and in doing so they forget all logic.

Just like those who don’t believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution!

But these people are doing more.They want children not to be taught about evolution, but for “God to have made us like this.” They refuse to learn, and now that they are in the millions and therefore politically strong enough, they can get textbooks to change them.

Just like anti-vaxxers.

You see a bigger problem now?Anti-vaxxers just don’t believe in something stupid, they try to do everything they can to make sure the neighborhood, the city and the state agree with them.

If they pay enough, the state decides not to make vaccination mandatory.This puts at risk not only those who refuse to carry out vaccinations, but also vaccinations.

This literally plays with thousands oflives.

I do not want to stir up fights, but I would like to point out that a similar emphasis is on ignoring science and focusing instead on religion, the cause of inequality between men and women, and the cause of the terrorism.

Each glacier starts with a single snowball.


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