What color should a top have to match black pants?

Perhaps you should ask more about the meaning of life?This question is probably more comprehensive and easier to answer…

But let’s see.The black trousers have the advantage that it has no shade in itself, but is only very dark. Accordingly, theoretically all colors fit, and you just have to see that the contrast fits. Festive occasions, especially for men, require a strong contrast rather than a color. So the classic penguin in black and white.

The white shirt, and the trousers in black.

This has the advantage that a vest, a row of buttons, a cloth/tie or even just a tie pin always form a color accent without building up any colour tension. After all, there is only one color in itself, and that is, as in this picture, red.

With this combination, please make sure you don’t have baldness, otherwise security forces might get nervous.

Otherwise, one can assume that any color you wear to black pants carries an explicit expression.

A salmon-coloured shirt worn as a man over the trousers looks, with appropriate stature, casual and relaxed without looking sloppy. If it is open, you should already be on your way to a salsa party, otherwise it does not fit.

The same in pastel blue, on the other hand, looks cooler and thus more distant.

More like a start-up founder or an insecure fashion victim.

Intense colors look quite strong in contrast to black and you should always consider what kind of guy you are.

With light hair and pale skin you can fade in a red shirt. Dark types (i.e. dark hair and slightly darker skin tone) can wear bright colors with black.

Of course, this also applies to women.

But in combination with elaborate hairstyles or make-up, it is still three times as complex, as other factors play a role.

What is true for men because of their type should be taken into account by women even more clearly, as fashion is usually much more colourful.The choice of the women’s top for black trousers thus also makes a wider range of possibilities available. Especially as far as patterns or applications are concerned.

The more festive, the more true: Less is more.Simple colour combinations (black-white, red, blue or a covered green also fit festively with black) are the trump card. Something patterned should be worn covered, for example, as a vest or cloth. If you dare, you can also wear a patterned cloth as a sash or belt to a black trousers. For example, as in this image in the style of a Gi.

In general, all belly ties, sashes or belts are at least as important as choosing the right colors.

Because when choosing colours, the choice of material (belt, accessories or clothing) is always decisive.

A black trousers can be matte, with structure woven or glossy lacquer or leather.As a rule of thumb, I would recommend the same thing. Matter fine fabric to smooth and matte tops. A highly structured trousers with a clearly visible weave structure can also tolerate a top made of jute or hemp. Those who wear leather should either wear a texture corresponding to the structure of the leather at the top. Coarse leather needs coarse fabrics or leather, shiny leather needs shiny fabrics (and a maximum matte belly bandage or belt to not shine so much). Here, too, of course, the occasion makes the outfit.

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