What causes schizophrenia?

At the cellular level, brain cells either have a voltage potential of -70 microvolts between the inside and outside, or they have none and have to rebuild it first.Once the potential is re-opened, the cell can cause it to collapse again in one millionth of a second by opening “pores” (ion cages) for certain ions.

So these cells have two “phases”: “loaded” or “unlanded”, in other words, “one” or “zero”, similar to the binary code of a computer.

Thoughts, feelings or sensory impressions are thus written in binary codes at the cellular level, very similar to computers.

These opening and closing processes of the cell membrane are regulated by neurotransmitters that dock to ionotropic receptors on the surface of the cell, a key/lock principle, the transmitter is the key, the receptor the lock.

In the case of the cililiar locking processes, which take place in very short time units in the brain, it may happen that a “key” remains in the “lock”, i.e. even though the unit is functional, it cannot function as long as the Transmitter in the receptor, the key in the lock, “clamps”.

So you have to make the unit “common” again, pull out the transmitter, make the lock free.

Problem: this creates “ones” and “zeros” on a cellular level, which are not “perceived as thoughts, feelings or sensory impressions”, but are“thoughts, feelings and sensory impressions”.

So one creates a state in which one decouples consciousness from reality: “sleep”.

The thoughts, feelings and sensory impressions generated during sleep by the “repair work” on the receptors are called “dream”.

If this rhythm is disturbed, decoupling does not work, consciousness perceives the purely randomly generated but valid, thoughts, optical, accumulating or haptic hallucinations without being able to process them, the individual develops “compulsive Thoughts”, “hallucinations”, “hearvoices”, feels “as a powerful another person of his own mind”.

The completely intact consciousness thus tries to interpret some logic into these phenomas, a logic that does not exist in chance.Consequence: it gets “crazy”.

This condition is called “psychosis” or “schizophrenia”.

If the scavenging (repair) mechanisms do not work correctly or if the times are too short, then progressively more and more receptor units are irretrievably lost, which is called “morbus Alzheimer’s” or “senile dementia”.

In schizophrenics, therefore, only the repair rhythm of the brain is disturbed.Precisely because consciousness cannot process this, there is “sleep”.

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