What causes narcissism?

A little in summary: it is caused by mental and/or physical abuse of a child.A child needs a number of things for a healthy development: velty and shelter, unconditional love and care. Especially the 2nd is important for mental development. Lacking in a sense of unconditional love then ‘ teaches ‘ the child that love is only to be given under certain conditions (which makes it his own person submissive to others = co-dependency). Lacking total love then teaches a child that love does not exist. Mental and physical abuse results in the child being protected by his own personality by adopting a false personality, which arises already firmly, certainly, predominant, egoistic etc. The false personality has to flower and the presence of profound uncertainty, depression and lovelessness. For empathic persons, those feelings of a very damaged person are to feel, how good the narcissisit she also tries to hide.

From the above, it is also concluded that narcissism is unfortunately passed on from generation to generation.Narcissists make their children narcissistic by not being able to give them the things they need for healthy development. In addition to this, this article (in the English language) about how children can react to narcissitsche parents. http://www.alanrappoport.com/pdf…

There are a number of things you should take into account.

To begin with, everyone has narcissistic treks.That is necessary in life and has seen evolutionarily its usefulness.

In addition, narcissism is only a ‘ description ‘ for the time being. An ‘ explanation ‘ as’t ware, in which a number of character traits are raked together and listed, just like in the case of depression burnout, autism, ADHD.Not everyone has all those things, and not everyone has every puff in the same way or to the same extent. So it is a ‘ spectrum ‘.

That makes a lot of Subcategories are 芒 鈧?虄bedacht芒 鈧劉 within the narcissism and that the one narcissist is not the other, although there are always many similarities.

Narcissism arises from a complex interplay between hereditary factors and educational and environmental factors.

It is my strong but personal belief that the brain of a narcissist is different. Consequently, they react naturally and from an early age to different situations and this brain develops further in a different way than 芒 鈧?虄normal 芒 鈧劉.

Children who were mentally or physically abused will most likely develop narcissistic traits.Deep inside, however, these people know well enough that it can be different, and under the right circumstances, it is theoretically better to treat them. Are they actually called 芒 鈧?虄echte芒 鈧劉 narcisten, I sometimes wonder?

‘ Real ‘ narcissists may still have two perfectly loving parents, and their childhood may be a psychological textbook example, yet they will develop narcissistic traits.Their brains are pre-programmed to be so.

So, in my opinion, there is certainly a need for a biological basis in which the temperament of the emotional brain and the style of information processing is different from 芒 鈧?虄normal 芒 鈧劉.Their brain is just different.

Emotionally, it is created by a damaged self-image.This could be because the child was too heavily spoiled and, for example, Very easily got everything (on a material plane). It teaches that everything is arranged specifically for him or her in life. Parents or other educators can give their children the idea (or children can get the idea) that they are very special and unique.

By pampering the child with all sorts of things, especially with things of high value or status, teach the child that things without status, are associated with inferiority.

Also, not learning to cope with frustrations or annoying feelings plays a role.Failure or setback should be pushed down to someone else or to the circumstances. Failure is therefore not only very much, but it is also never the child’s fault. And that is why it will also be thought later.

Furthermore, heavy punishment, especially for small things, can have a serious influence.For instance, the child may think it is stupid, weak and inferior. Especially when it is always stated that IE has earned it.

That is so much by always being very condescending towards the child.Certainly narcissistic parents are very good at that. They are convinced of their own added value and let that feel very good towards the child at some times. The child will then compensate later in turn by being superior to behave.

By definition, narcissistic parents also involve very much in themselves.Everything revolves around them. They give, emotionally, too little space to the child. They do not listen, always start about themselves, find their problems or achievements increasingly important, etc.

It is therefore on the one hand a question of the child to put too much in the sun and on the other hand the child does not award his moment of sunshine.

But so again, in my humble opinion, where narcissism only seriously emerges when there is a biological predisposition in addition to development.

And again, it is a very complex interplay of several factors and thus it is in a complex and very variously 芒 鈧?虄continu茫1/4m芒 鈧劉.The untangle of the puzzle is therefore very complicated, not to say an almost impossible thing.

How was the (school) youth next to the parents?How were other children (of the family) and other educators? What various Trauma芒 鈧劉 s are all not there for cases?

To make it even more complex, narcissism has a high comorbidity (confluence with other disorders).These disorders are also very complex in themselves and therefore in turn interfere with the complexity of narcissism. What makes the puzzle even bigger.

All the explanations that are known to date provide only a part of that puzzle.About how Zo芒 鈧劉 N Brain of a newborn narcissist er eg. We know, to my knowledge, almost nothing.

Nicely worded Ramon and Al Belli, but my opinion is narcissism g脙 漏 脙 漏 N collected bundle to character features.

My experience: Father of B. Has had very difficult childhood and assumes that his own child should never happen to this.He leaves B. Studying and he is proud to be able to kick it very far. In B. This causes a decent fear of failure over the years. Through uncertainty, he grows a ‘ mask ‘ for the outside world and shows his large, carefully built ego, while he shumbles in fear.

B.Gets children and gives them a very strict education. Everything they do is never bezeed with a feather or shoulder pat. ‘ You could have done it differently ‘ is always the reaction of B. i.e. it is never good enough. Also child becomes uncertain again etc. Etc.

It can go from generation to generation, but not as a character trait, but passed on by uncertainty created.

As a hypnotherapist, we call this a part personality, created by ‘ Inprentations ‘ in the youth.There is some to do with hypnosis, only the narcissist will admit that he has a problem, because that will be his complete decline.

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