What can you do to permanently stop your embarrassment?

There are few people as shy as I…

For a group of people,

Or if I enter a room where I know no one,

I prefer to get away as soon as possible.

Still, I do this.

I learned that if I don’t do this,

I have a lot to lose.

And that if I do,

I eventually really have nothing to lose.

In college I learned to be vulnerable.

See: What have you learned from your favorite college at university?

It came down to me more or less to be put in front of the block by my teacher.

With gentle compulsion, I was asked to open me up,

To make me vulnerable,

I went the first few minutes through a hell,

But felt quick to get stronger.

Eventually I stood there for a group of people, with confidence and completely in my element, to do my story.

I really learned a lot from that.

I was still shy, am still shy, but have learned to suppress this.

I also learned that only in your own head you are the center of attention.

You are fooled.

That is not the way.

People are almost always mainly concerned with themselves.

Until far over the age of forty I always got a red head and the sweat broke me out when I had to say something in public.And in all the larger groups, especially with strangers, I felt uncomfortable and I behaved socially somewhat unadjusted.

The first step was that I never did not stop to say anything if I had something on my heart.Or ask, if I did not understand. Then I have only one red head.

I have also forced myself to learn how to deal with it.In my case by becoming an official of the civil status. That has worked well. Every marriage was an exercise in public speaking, but also in foreign people visiting to get acquainted with the wedding Lustigen and with such a marriage talk with ceremony masters, photographers, parents and witnesses.

Now I will not say that this is the best solution for everyone, but the element “exposure in a non-threatening setting and for a limited time” is, in my opinion, useful for all people who feel uncomfortable with strangers and in groups.And also don’t be afraid of your own red head and perspiration. Many hobbies can be exercised in association. It may be an idea to join.

If you describe something like this in Dutch, the correct way is: your embarrassment.. Overcome!! So that reveals how to tackle this.I myself have done this once in the following way:

Look for a situation where you can prepare yourself well on a subject-a presentation or something-and tell your story.The bigger that group is for what you can stand, the more effective it is for you.

Dealing with people is always an interaction, so you will always get feedback and questions; That’s not bad.You cannot predict everything, so you learn from it, for the next time. Bring your message as you want it, with all your limitations and your embarrassment.

After 3 times I was there.Suc6!

Accepting that it is a normal emotion and that it is not at all bad to feel so, to learn to accept in the moment and to remind yourself that it does not make anything out.

To expose yourself precisely to the irrational fear bubble by priming and seeing that, if you are shy, there is nothing bad happening, it is often the fear of embarrassment that creates that embarrassment, it is all in your head.

People don’t see what you think or feel, just your body language.

I have long been too shy to speak to someone, to ask a simple question like, for example: “How do I get there?”, “Where are these articles?”.Start with these simple things and expand that ever further to more people. Speaking in public for a large group remains tricky until you have to once and then a good preparation is more than half the work. Write it down, let it possibly read by someone familiar. Determine in advance and say that at the beginning whether you answer questions in between or only after the end of your speech. Especially a lot of practice for the mirror and/or with the same familiar Perso (s) I talked about earlier. In doing so one learns!

As a Hypno and regression therapist I say: HYPNOSIS.

Embarrassment is not something that you h茅bt.Embarrassment is Ontst谩谩n! I know it from my own experience and knows where it is born! My parents were Sch谩tten! I had wanted to grow up with no other older couple! The only ‘ mistake ‘ they made was to protect me too much, so they solved everything for me. Confrontations after my teenage years suddenly turned out to be d贸贸deng and by embarrassment I hoped for a hatch that would open under me…

Luckily it just went over the course of the years.My fascination for hypnosis was born after I myself did the same time and went on to do the study myself, which I succeeded brilliously. Just by digging into your subconscious mind, the reason of which ‘ trait ‘ will become clear and eliminated.

Embarrassment is no trait!It is 茅rgens caused by it!

More information can be found on THE HARD WAY TO GO skyhigh

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