What can you do to bring more balance into your life?

We all try to find a balance between work and private life.And that can often seem impossible.It even seems to be getting harder.

Still kidding in between: do you know what is the only way to have a perfect balance between work and private life?
Don’t have a job.

Not realistic of course.But what does it work?

You need to draw a line.

Thinking that you “get everything done”, if you spend enough time on it, is an illusion.

The happiest people are not those people who have no worries.Those people are bored. Research shows that the happiest people are busy – but don’t feel rushed .

That is because they have a sense of control .And what do studies say about work-life balance? The same: Having a sense of control is the key.

And for that you need to draw a line: deciding what is important and what is not.

How do you draw that line?By asking one simple question a few times a day.

“What is the most important thing for me to do now?”

The biggest problem people have is that they try to do everything and consider everything as important .But you cannot do everything and not everything is equally important.

So how do you determine the most important thing to do now? Let me coach you here with four questions.

  1. What are your values?

Knowing your values means knowing what’s most important toyou.Make a list of the 5 things that matter most in your life – think of things like belonging to your family, friendship, spirituality, freedom, abundance, balance, growth,… And then ask yourself how your work serves those values and write down the answers.

Once you understand how your work meets your values, you’ll feel more aligned with your job.

Tip: If you want to do the values exercise thoroughly, make an appointment with a career coach.

2.What is the thing that only you can do well?

If someone else can do the laundry at home, let him do that.If someone else can do the “was” at work, let him or her do it.

But if you are the parent, you need to be on the older night and if you are the seller you need to be with your customers.

What are the things you can do with relative ease, while they are difficult for other people?Focus on the things that only you can do. And see how you can pass, outsource or even ignore the rest.

3.What gives you disproportionate results?

Often we start our day with doing what lies just before us.But that does not mean that that is the most important thing.

In his book ‘ Do One thing ‘ , Gary Keller applies the Pareto principle on the working day:

Most of us get 80% of the results of 20% of the work we do.

So you focus on that 20%.

What really makes progress?What yields disproportionate results: a lot of output in relation to the input (time, effort,…)?Do that first and most often.

4.What is currently the most important thing?

You feel good when you can tick off many things from your task list.But were it the things that were most important and urgent? Because that is what it is all about.

The fact that something is urgent does not mean that it is important . And importantly it does not necessarily mean that it is urgent.

How do you cope with the balance between work and private?

These are the ideas summarized:

  1. Not everything is equally important.

Do less things and do them well.

  • Decide what your values are – and which values prevail.
  • Focus on the things that only you can do.
  • Do the things that yield disproportionate results: much result in proportion to the effort/time.
  • Do the important things that need to be done now.
  • It is not easy and it will not be resolved tomorrow, but you can be much better at this time.

    You can accomplish a lot if you stop trying to do everything.

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