What can you do as a company to improve team performance?

Your question does not describe the problem.I do understand that your company consists of 1 team.

  1. Do they run to afternoons?

Then make the team smaller.

I know companies where 6 people do, which previously did 1.That is because the employer finds it interesting to say that IE has 6 people employed. Human growth is not a business objective.

2.Don’t they get the work done?

The problem lies in the customers or processes that keep them busy.Look at it well. This is something that is useful to analyze that:

7 The Muda Article on the Seven the of Lean Manufacturing

3.Do they not have the right competencies?

Maybe it’s the way you’ve assumed them (too much to expect, too little knowledge) or the way you’re sending the team.Then deepen your situational leadership:


4.Are you too much present?

Cozy huh, such a personal thing.They don’t put you out of play, you do yourself. So make a new definition of what is important and am as much as possible on customer visit, then you do not keep them too much of work. In the time you enter, you look at everything they have prepared for you. And your turnover figures.

That is very much to your objective I think.

If you want the team to perform better/More, the team should often just work better together.This can be carried out by the usual suspects with team outings in partnership. Just do an escape room I would say. Or let sales and buying be totally mixed together with paintball. I mention what

On the other hand, the team may be in a status quo.There is no fresh input and people are stuck in “the box”, missing inspiration. In This case, there is a need for motivation and inspiration. You can accomplish this by sending people on course, for example, where new insights emerge. Or simply letting people talk about their interests, it will amaze you how much interest people themselves have in what they are doing 40 hours a week and how much they actually, secretly, know about this and want to move forward. Make use of it.

In The worst case, you have “saboteurs”, people who are actually already over their expiry date but still have a significant impact on the business processes.This is the most tricky of all cases thanks to the Dutch employee protection… what you want to do here is to make sure the bad influences get less to say. Identify people within the team who want to move forward and try to make sure that these people can contribute more than the “saboteurs”. How you get this is dust for a whole new question…

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