What can I do to reduce work stress?

Take a break from time to time to work and try to find out the following:

Do you have the job because you have to work and make money, or do you have the job because you really wanted it and had an idea of what is expected of you and whether you can meet those expectations.

Have you ever regretted your decision and if so, why?

Is there a job description that defines your tasks and do you know all these tasks?Have you ever given yourself a training course to increase your value as an employee, to learn and to exchange ideas with others about the job?

And last but not least, I am a good remedy for stress to to-do lists.Some people don’t like to-do lists because they’re already sweating when they’re just seeing the long list.

However, I am following a different tactic:

My whole life consists of to-do lists and when one becomes empty I am proud and fill it with new tasks.For me, this is life and vitality, commitments are part of it. But you don’t have to make it unnecessarily difficult. When I write such lists, I always do it at a time when I really have peace of mind. Because then I can think best and piece by piece i can think about what more duties have to be done, but also what I want to do for myself, so that I feel comfortable in everyday life.

Only when all the things are on the list will it become clear what is really at stake.Then you can also decide better what still needs to be done today, what is enough until tomorrow and what things should be ready by next weekend, so that you can go into the weekend with pride about what has been done.

When the week starts and in reality everything doesn’t go as planned, you usually have stress and when stress is stress, you can’t think clearly.

If you plan the day differently, you can reschedule without any problems.You just postpone the priorities or there is something unexpectedly added, then it comes along with the list. But you don’t forget anything because you’re overlooked in stress, because a look at the list is enough to remember.

Every morning or when there is some air, I look at the list and stroke something.This “one less thing to do” fills me with pride and gives me the feeling that I have come a little further. This method helped me a lot when I couldn’t stand on my feet because of my rare autoimmune disease: Even if you can’t do more or can’t do much more, all you can do is make progress. Even if you divide the day into mini-stages and mini-tasks, every hook on the list is something done.

It also helps to keep a clear head.You don’t have to smash your head over everything that’s already on the list until it’s your turn. This reduces stress.

And last but not least, I would be concerned about my relationship with colleagues.Do they all get along or is there someone out of the way? If the boss only plays out his power or he has an open ear for his employees. I know from my own experience that if the mood in the workplace is cloudy, then you get up in the morning with stomach pains because you don’t like going to work.

I always kept it that if the mood was too bad and I couldn’t change it, then I left as soon as I had a new and possibly even better job.A job That I really wanted to do myself. Often my positive mood even coloured on the new colleagues and we grew together super fast.

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