What can I do to prevent winter depression?

Winter depression is not a formal term, but there is normally the phenomenon that means people feel a bit ‘ down ‘ through the dark winter months.

It is important to distinguish a winter depression from a clinical depression (formally: Major Depressive Disorder).A winter depression is seen as a ‘ dipje ‘ rather than a complete disturbance of the mind.

The winter months can cause or worsen a clinical depression, but then we still speak of depression and not a winter depression.If depressive complaints develop at the same time of the year, we are also talking about a seasonal depression.

The most effective treatment for winter depression is a light treatment.Prevention is of course better than cure, and you can try to avoid it by putting ‘ summer habits ‘ as much as possible. In winter, we often do less on sports, which makes us feel less good in our skin. Try to continue these sporting habits in the winter too.

We are less exposed to sunlight because we often sit indoors during the day and it is still dark when we get up and already dark when we have time to get out.Try to get out as much as possible if the light is, and make sure your house is sufficiently illuminated.

If you have really serious complaints, you should go to the GP.

I use Christmas lights and decorations during the darkest days.I try to get as much daylight as possible. I cook winter meals and watch movies and serials in bed with my husband, it’s cozy.


You may want to consider keeping up with “avoid” unmasked.

Take the life as it is, and consider your own response to it.Then see if you can turn it around and do something fun with it.

Example: it rains.Bah. Vest, book with it, and then hope it’s fast.


Raincoat and boots, and a lot of walking in the rain.Especially big in the pee pounding! With a steamy mug of chocolate milk with an uneconomical whipped cream.

It is part of it, but it does not mean that all your energy needs to disappear.Hanging on the couch and in a book diving is an attempt to deny that the really is like ‘ ie is. And that always gives an unfulfilled feeling, so keep you disliked rain (or winter, or short days etc..)

Winter depression seems to come due to the lack of vitamin D. This is created by our skin when receiving sunlight (UV radiation).That’s why it can help to eat extra vitamin D when it gets colder outside, but also a short period of time a UV lamp (special, not the bacterium killing, which is burning your skin off), or taking tanning bed.

It is also important to go outside more often.This helps your body when shooting more sunlight, at lower corner of the sun.

There are more, but you can find it all on Google:D

A really good way I don’t know.The older I become, the more the winter months and short days, inclement again to contradict me. Apparently it works some kind of light therapy. For a while we used such a Phillips lamp that becomes very slowly brighter in the morning, to wake up in the same way as in the summer. Help that? I do not know. Perhaps an corny idea to set up a Christmas tree is not yet such a bad idea, to have some extra lights in the house. At work I do not have the happiness to work in a cubicle and have a big window close to me. No idea so, again a little winter bite through it for sure?

There are daylight lamps, I myself have one of the Beurer and that was very affordable.St. John’s Wort can also help well. And Tai-Ginseng; Ginseng gives energy, and there is also. St. John’s Wort.

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