What can I do if my partner is highly sensitive?

Unfortunately, today, highly sensitive people are still referred to as “sensitive” against better knowledge.However, the correct classification should mean “sensitive”. Typical characteristics of a highly sensitive person are according to Wikipedia the following:

  • pronounced subtle perception (multi-layered fantasy and thought processes)
  • increased sensitivity to pain
  • detailed perception
  • high enthusiasm, very diverse interests
  • high ownership and desire for independence
  • very pronounced long-term memory
  • psychosocial fine perception (other people’s sensitivities, moods and emotions are detected more easily and in more detail)
  • more influenced by other people’s moods
  • pronounced intuitive thinking, often associated with the ability to think laterally and multi-perspectively
  • simultaneous perception of many details of a situation with high depth of processing and linking can open up new areas of perception and unusual relationships or perspectives
  • long emotional “resonance” of the experienced
  • Thinking in larger contexts
  • pronounced altruism, sense of justice, strong value orientation
  • Need for harmony, conscientiousness, sense of responsibility
  • Intense experience of art and music
  • Inclination towards self-criticism and perfectionism
  • mostly complex and stable personality
  • intense feeling and experience

A very nice website about high sensitivity is delicately stringed. Here you can also perform a test to find out if you are highly sensitive.

I would also sign up in a forum for highly sensitive people to learn how these people “tick”.The best in my opinion is http://www.treffpunkt-hochsensib…, but that’s a matter of taste.

I am highly sensitive.Things in a partnership that are very important to me are the following:

  • to be able to exchange ideas with my partner all the time.

Speechlessness has always been a criterion for me to possibly end the partnership.

  • Tenderness.
  • that I am perceived
  • mutual sensitivity
  • Respect for each other
  • to see how my partner feels what she feels
  • to be able to show my feelings
  • to be as I am
  • and many more.I also teach all these things to my partner. I know that a relationship with a highly sensitive person is not easy. This relationship demands a lot, but it can also give a lot.

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