What can I do if a boy threatens to send me my nude pictures because I refused to send him more? How should I deal with the situation?

Presumably he is not so interested in the pictures.After all, there are two clicks more pornography freely accessible, with naked people who sometimes look so perfect that people become depressed about it because they can’t keep up.

In these videos and pictures that are circulating by them, fetishes are also satisfied, which you and I do not even know exist.

So what is he concerned about?Most likely, he is intoxicated by the sense of power he has over you. Maybe it makes him horny if you obey him. Make one thing clear:

If you make this game with it won’t end it getsworse.

He will force you to do more and more things again and again.They probably get worse, too, because a simple nude photo doesn’t kick him any more.

When will it become too much for you?If he has a whole gallery of photos and he “invites” you to a bukakke party with a few mates you think, maybe it’s over. Instead, he now has a video of it. You don’t want him to show it to your parents, ok, if you do it to his dog (I exaggerate… so, who knows).

When you do what he wants, you give him more and more power over you.This has already driven some girls and boys to suicide.

OK what can you do now?For the first time what Dirk Patze says: collect, hold on and display evidence.

But more importantly, you have to prepare yourself for whoever shouldn’t see this photo, whoever isn’t going to see it.

You should think about a reaction to how you deal with the fact that people are getting this picture behind your back and about it funny and the vulture still knows.

I know this is super hard and i’m looking for professional help if you need it.

The point, the less you get out of it, the faster other people will lose the desire to deal with this image.

When you’re publicly hurting, you’re just the little sadist who’s a little bit in each of us.

Getting up with it is just fun because these people can put themselves in you and feel how uncomfortable it would be for them to get stuck in your skin now.

That’s why it didn’t let you know when it hits you.Instead, turn the skewer around.

For example: A classmate/colleague publicly shouts “Horny tits” and pans the picture around in front of an audience.

Be strong, turn around and speak so loudly that especially those he wants to stand out in front of.

Make it clear to them that you are not a victim in which you make himone.Ask him if he has already seen the picture, if he likes how many times he has already brought one down, tell him that it is OK because you both know that he will never get closer to a real woman and that is the sexual highlight of his life.

Make him ridiculous in front of his audience give these people the feeling that they don’t want to be him now.

If it’s a woman, ask her why no one has nude photos of her… Head scratch…”oh yes because you look shit”

I know this sounds super hard, especially because your self-esteem is suffering.But if you’ve done it twice, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Overcoming is the problem.Most people don’t like being pushed into the center of attention.

This girl can be the most beautiful in the whole city, a two listeners will laugh that is enough to feed the gnawing self-doubt in her.

Don’t be a victim that’s the most important thing if you want to choke it off quickly.

Is OK if you cry yourself a few weeks in sleep, but publicly be strong if someone you the bad mood that then rises in you, no inhibitions swallow that don’t let it down (so no violence, words can be so much more hurtful if it’s the ric are).

At the end of the day, it’s just a harmless nude photo, it’s happened to everyone else.Is anyone still talking about The Fapeningtoday.

Everyone has a “crisis” but whether we break into it or emerge much stronger from it, that’s a decision you make.Nothing that just happens to you or someone hurts you.

You can’t control the deeds and thoughts of your fellow human beings You can only decide how you react to them.

for example, if someone calls you a slut because of this, you could answer.

Thank you your verdict means a lot to me.

After all, you are so morally entrenched that you have never seen this image that this human apostasy has wrested from an inexperienced, bona fide, in love girl to blackmail her?I mean by that you would morally go to the level of this disgusting boy, no actually it would be even more repulsive then to give here the moral apostle. Honestly I can’t decide who will reunite me from both of you.

At some point, it can even be fun.

You create the 😉

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