What can I change to my appearance to be more attractive to women?

What strikes me again and again in men who complain about a lack of interest on the part of women is a lack of care.

Never forget that attractiveness starts with health!

From a biological point of view, the most important thing when choosing a partner is a healthy partner!Therefore, a healthy person is generally much more attractive than an unhealthy-looking person. No jewellery or designer clothes can outweigh this! Nothing, for example, is more beautiful than a broad laugh baring a series of impeccable bites! why? Because this signals a healthy person in our subconscious!

The most important thing is therefore also impeccable (!!) Oral hygiene.This means that all bites should be intact and reasonably white. Even the backons! These are not as invisible as many think. Also: No tooth decay! No dental plaque! Never! Not even in the morning! If you have a dental plaque and a sulfurous bad breath in the morning, the hygiene is not good enough! But it is even worse if bad breath spreads during the day. The fatal thing is, you don’t notice it yourself. So off to dental hygiene! regular! Have all gum pockets and overstanding crown edges renovated. However, this also requires a lot of self-work at home: sound toothbrush, floss and mouth shower help! Nutrition can also be a factor in this! Important: Stop smoking. Is neither conducive to smell or dental aesthetics. Also not to be underestimated: A good and modern dentist! In the event of a case, it must be able to produce a natural and aesthetic denture or to be able to do sobythers. made. Here, too, there are fatal errors that develop a murder-unaesthetic to murder-unhygienic efficiency. Important: Avoid gum decline! Especially with implants fatal, when dark metal edges look out at the top. Also google for red and white aesthetics. Has nothing to do with fries red and white. 😉

Immediately after that come muffle feet.For now, this has no primary connection with the exterior. But if the “styling” suggests that cheese foot and mushroom mysticism are raging in plastic sneakers, this also does not have a good influence on the attractiveness. So pay attention to natural and breathable materials when choosing shoes! Whether they are elegant leather brogues or sneakers! Also a certain number to change is not wrong, so that the worn pair can ventilate in between. Cedar wood or cinnamon inlays also help.

Fingernails!Time and again, black mourning margins can be observed in men. That is definitely not possible! Here we are again in health and hygiene! No woman wants to be contaminated with a potential cluster of bacteria. Such visible hygiene deficiencies also indicate, from the woman’s point of view, hygiene deficiencies in more invisible places.

In general, I can only agree with the tip from another place: Be clean!

Of course, this also applies to laundry!Fresh laundry scented with detergent can be incredibly sexy. But please not only with a fragrance spray over it! That must be real! No cigarette smoke clothes, no jeans that smell sour from dirt. Again, the problem is that the smoker himself is no longer noticed. That’s why simply wash everything regularly!

Also pay attention to dandruff!In case of need, sometimes go to the doctor with it! Some hairdressers also offer professional advice. Applies equally to ears! Here there is often a bad stelldichein of dandruff and earwax. Quite cruel.

A mobile second mirror, with which you can also look at yourself from behind or the side, does not hurt even for men!

The rest is basically easy: regular sports, no six-pack and no monster biceps.Just a healthy radiance with good blood circulation. Nutrition also contributes to this! Healthy diet = healthy skin color!

So, that would be the basic rules!

As far as clothes and style are concerned, I agree with the previous speakers: be authentic first and foremost!Feel comfortable in what you’re wearing!

But the cut is also important!If necessary, let yourself be. consult with a designated men’s outfitter! So the shoulders should e.g. also sit on the shoulder and not 5 cm below. You also have to find out which brand offers the best cut for your own figure. Unfortunately, there are sky-wide differences here. In the case of shirts, brands such as Olympus offer different cuts, if you can’t afford a custom shirt. The right cut is already half the price! Orient yourself by what handsome lyrised uniforms look like! The same uniform in schlabberlook with hanging shoulders would simply not be the same!

If you are bothered aboutYour style is generally unsafe, start with a few basics: for example with a simple white shirt and a blue jeans. If you are healthy and well-groomed, this simple look alone can create a wow effect!

In general, less is more.

If you’re not a skilled “fashion fuzzy,” it’s best to start simple basics first. Whether it’s a suit or a workout outfit.

No wild or colorful patterns.Just experiment with rather plain parts. Even with the tie. And if patterns, then again, it’s better to be simple and straight. More important than the pattern is the material anyway. For all garments. And this should include a certain solid honesty.

First of all, pay attention to quality and cut.And of course also on which colors you are facing and which color can be combined with which color. And even think about who you really are and want to be. As mentioned elsewhere, authenticity is the most important thing! But that doesn’t mean you can’t be authentic in better cuts and colors! Or even more authentic!

As has also been mentioned elsewhere, one can be dbzgl.also go to the style consultant. But even there I have seen bird-wild things, which I would not recommend to anybody. Above all, it is important that you learn to dress yourself. A once-assembled outfit by a style consultant will let you stand in the rain again next time.

An online retailer such as Outfittery could also be a good solution for lasting style advice and support.In most cases, over time, you get a feeling for what is good and what is less.

Last but not least, an important thing for wearers of glasses: the type of glasses is already half the price.Because a sympathetic face comforts even over a beer belly. That’s why you shouldn’t do half things here. Above all, it is not so much the eyewear design itself that needs to be paid to, but rather to what the glasses do with their own face. Again, you should first resort to simple classic models if you are not yet a skilled fashion bird. And also do not rely on the first-best advice, but rather drive to different eyewear shops or also expertly expertly with various eyewear apps on the Internet. And, above all, take time to make the decision.

In this way you can already make a good impression with well-chosen glasses, white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.You don’t need a lot of frills to do that. And around this basic combination you can then expand your modular system over time.

And at the end of the day, it’s always helpful to engage in activities where you meet regularly in a casual group.Be it mountain hiking or origami wrinkles. Then optical features in favor of personality fade into the background over time. And the common interests and ideals form connecting points of connection, without having to rise like a goblet in order to arouse attention.

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