What can happen when you enter a black hole?

If the hole is big enough, you won’t be crushed or torn to pieces for the time being.You will suffer a much stranger fate, and this has to do with several realities: in one, you are drawn into infinity and burn motionlessly as spaghetti on the event horizon. And the other reality—well, it’s even more incredible: As soon as you enter a black hole, reality would split into two parts. In one reality you would be cremated immediately and in the other the black hole would pass unscathed. But there’s also a sure point: If you’ve crossed a certain point, you’ll never get out again.

We don’t know what’s going on in a black hole.

It is practically a universe in itself. There are also differences, for example, whether it rotates or not. Definitely it is blacker than black, because from the outside it really swallows all the light and leaves nothing out. Viewed from the outside, the light frequencies become redder and darker. If you fall into the black hole yourself, there will be no redness and darkening. On the contrary, the light of the environment becomes bluer and brighter. The timing of events in the area is accelerating as you approach the hole. If you look straight, you will see space-time bending around you. In doing so, you are getting closer and closer to the event horizon. Inside, all the light rushes towards the singularity and none of it comes out. Black holes curve space-time so much that they swap the rollers. This means that time actually draws you into the hole in the direction of singularity.

When you snap your feet towards the black hole, they are closer to the black hole than your head – so they are attracted more.This difference in gravity is called tidal force and can become enormously strong with a black hole. Spaghettis are added: you are pulled in length and squeezed sideways at the same time. Your body can no longer pump your blood out of your feet against the tidal force. Like a jet pilot in looping, you get a blackout and faint. Even closer to the black hole, the tidal forces eventually become so strong that your bones eventually break and you become a space spaghetti.

With approaching the horizon, time suddenly accelerates enormously.You see the end of the universe and you get grilled at the same time.

Everything that belongs to you must burn on the event horizon and be left out.Your companionship in space could hardly observe this, because from their point of view you look strongly reddened and darkened.

Something of you would have to live on in the black hole—quantum physics says that information can never be lost.Here, quantum physics seemed to contradict Einstein’s general theory of relativity. But: Recently, researchers led by Dejan Stojkovic of the University of Buffalo found a hot streak, namely that information about Hawking radiation could be emitted from the hole.

So the question about which gravitational physicists are breaking their heads is, who wins?Quantum mechanics or relativity?

Every test for general relativity has been successful, so we assume that it must be correct because there is no alternative.

If the essence of reality is hidden somewhere, then we have to look for it in a black hole.

Let’s sum up:

Exactly what happens to the information that crashes into the black hole is unclear.From the point of view of an outside observer, we will never achieve singularity. From our point of view, we are achieving them. However, we will be grilled at the event horizon very shortly beforehand. Damn, so close to the point where space and time actually end.

Life is not a wishful concert, even in infinitely curved space-time.

This happens to your body when you fall into a black hole

Cheeerrrzzz… bruvva!

Let’s get stuffed!

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