What can Elon Musk do to influence the world as much as Steve Jobs?’

It is already foreseeable that Elon Musk will leave bigger footprints in the world than Steve Jobs or anyone else before him.
With his two biggest projects alone, SpaceX and Tesla, he is pursuing goals that will profoundly change our world.

With SpaceX, he aims to make humanity a multiplanetary race as quickly as possible to save it from extinction from cosmic disasters.The progress being made on the way there through the successful reusability of rocket stages and the construction of larger rockets are milestones and allow the deployment of humans and material to nearby planets within reach for the first time. The planned flights to the moon, a seamless, global Internet through around 12,000 SpaceX satellites could serve as a cash cow for this project.

Tesla has a mission to accelerate transportation around the world away from oil and toward sustainable energy, and it is already doing so.Last year, Tesla sold nearly as many electric cars as it had in all previous years. In addition, the energy storage and solar cell business units will be expanded.
With its great success, the company Tesla is forcing all car manufacturers to offer also economical, quiet and emission-free electric vehicles.They are also rushing to develop and market electric vehicles that can be powered by renewable energies. A disruptive change is emerging that can change the energy market and transport in a sustainable way with a positive impact on the environment. It is also clear that autonomous vehicles will cause far fewer road casualties as they develop than human drivers and thus save many lives.

With the Boring Company, Elon Musk is aiming to unbundle our traffic problems by moving traffic routes underground on a large scale.At first glance, this does not look so terribly innovative, because tunnels have been around for a long time, but the Boring Company shows that it is possible to build tunnels much faster and by orders of magnitude cheaper than before. Efficient tunnelling complements it perfectly with zero-emission electric vehicles and the Hyperloop, another promising start-up for energy-saving and fast long-distance connections. The quality of life will be increased by less traffic on the surface and less congestion.

Another of Musk’s projects is OpenAI, a non-profit research organization that aims to democratize artificial intelligence and pave the way for a safe form that will benefit all of humanity before corporations or states have that power. use for yourself.

One of Musk’s lesser-known projects is Neuralink.The short-term goal of Neuralink is to better treat serious diseases of the brain and central nervous system. In addition, an interface between brain and artificial intelligence will be developed to accelerate communication between humans and machines and to involve humans in the development of higher intelligence. In spite of advanced artificial intelligence, humans could thus remain at the centre and use it as a tool instead of subting on a potentially dangerous AI.

I believe that each and every one of these projects has the potential to change our world more in a short space of time than we can imagine today.The amount of work he imposes on himself seems to me to be superhuman. It’s easy for me to overlook occasional Twitter derailments or understandable thin-skinnedness in attacks on him.

I could imagine elon Musk once becoming a revered legend for the forward-looking choices he makes that has made our world a better one.Hopefully already in his lifetime.

I can’t think of anyone who is similarly busy driving development on our planet and beyond with good intentions for humanity with so much energy and high personal and financial risk.
I wish him a long life.

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