What can be the consequences of an emotionally unhealthy education?

In my case ‘ developing borderline and relationship addictability ‘.

My father was a hidden narcissist who deprived me a lot-including my friends, dating, talent/passion for performing fine art, my sense of freedom and individuality, my true brother and my true mother.

Later, when I was able to choose a self-sanded life, I wanted to feel blissfully happy, unanswered a lot of money, ate a lot too much and wanted to be recognized by performing.I had the feeling of catching a catch-up race, while for my feeling there were always dark clouds above that all hung.

We’re talking about ‘ from the Sixties ‘.I continued to walk in relation to Valkuilen, until after my last relationship, with a hidden narcissist (as well as my father), I realised that I had been a lifelong victim of a narcissistic parent and on the latter also a victim of the Victim of a narcissistic parent.

In contrast to the past, there is now a lot to read about this kind of destructive characters.I gained more and more insight and understood what was going on ever since my childhood, when my elder brother suddenly became mentally ill and later found out that my mothers life had been an emotional agony to which she himself made a definitive end. I also realised why I could not do anything about it, despite my years of struggle as a descendant-my struggle with father, lawyers, judges, doctors, family, acquaintances, etc.

With the many insights, the dark clouds disappeared one by one.The clarity that was meant for me rests in my head, can sleep fully and enjoy-in short can live as I like myself and get a deep feeling of happiness.

I survived, can let go of it and can accept that my life has been consciously and unconsciously a life full of nightmares for years and I realize at the same time how strong and rich I actually am from my true SELF.

I compare it a bit with power supply.If you give your child unhealthy eating constantly, then your childhood body will not be as strong in the long term as it should be.

Thus, the thoughts and spirit of a child who is in an unhealthy environment will be weak.This will show especially when they are adults

-Child will be less strong in her shoes
-may be easier to get depressed
-Aggressive in very severe cases (for example, if they have been mistreated)
-Low sense of self-esteem

Therefore, as adults and parents, we always have to look at ourselves well. So that we can teach our children the right positive values.Because it is better to educate strong children than to repair broken adult. (is a quote I’ve ever read somewhere)

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