What can be done about lack of drive?

People are not so complicated beings.Basically, they work after a few biological programs that were stored and encoded in our DNA millions of years ago. These behavioral programs are very efficient and they have so far ensured the survival of our species very well.

One of these original programs “commands” us to save energy whenever we can.Resources such as food and water have always been scarce in nature, and wasting them unnecessarily through too much activity would be simply nonsense from the point of view of evolution. It is biologically therefore “normal” to be lazy and absolutely “abnormal” to run around hyperactively. A hyperactive individual needs much more resources and is more likely to starve, thirst, injure himself, etc.

So if we want to change our behaviour, we have to tackle these very strong primary programs.We can’t break them, a shutdown is also ruled out. But we can trickthem.And that is where the key to success lies. People have no incentive to be active if they are to do a certain activity that contradicts their original programs.

  1. Changes therefore only work in very small steps, and only if each of these steps is always accompanied with an immediate reward.
  2. If, for example, learning for the university does not work, divide the learning material into very small amounts.

Always make only a small part, e.g. read a page of a book, and then reward your body immediately when you have made the step.For example, I always had a bowl of smarties at hand. After each side, I let 3 smarties melt slowly and with pleasure on the tongue.Over time, my brain subconsciously linked “reading” to the beautiful “reward” of the sugar shot. So I have consistently programmed my brain to combine the activity of reading with the sweet reward. As a result, my brain has always given me the signal that reading is worthwhile and beautiful. The drive to do this activity is then done automatically.

  • That’s exactly how fitness works.
  • After each small exercise, the reward should be done immediately, for example in the form of a strawberry or a petting unit over the head by the partner etc. However, it must be immediate, take place immediately within 5 seconds and must never be “forgotten” or suspended.The big cake snack two hours later brings absolutely nothing.

  • Finally, it has to be said that there is also pathological lack of drive.
  • Here the body is biologically impaired and this must be in the hands of a competent doctor (e.g. For chronic inflammation, depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, chronic pain, etc.). In the meantime, there are good supportive therapies and medications for this.

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