What can an unattractive man do to get women to want him?

Being attractive means being literally, attractive or even interesting.

If a man is only interested in sex, then he is not interesting for most women.

In order to be attractive, the whole impression must be correct.It is advantageous to look for someone who is somewhat similar to one:

  • from age,
  • income,
  • in terms of clothing style,
  • from education,
  • from the interests,
  • from the apartment
  • from the attitudes (politics, love of order, desire to have children, … )

And then you shouldn’t expect the other to be attracted like a strong magnet just because you look so great without doing anything yourself.

You have to show interest yourself, have good manners, be polite, be able to listen well, know how to build a relationship and cultivate to promote the other, proceed at the right pace.

It’s best to read a few books on the subject and ask a good friend where you could start with you.

Good luck!

It depends on what you want from women.
Whether I find a man attractive, my sex drive, which conjures up that man can produce good children, tells me.So it’s a highly subconscious thing.
What is meant by this: Attractiveness does not allow you to win a heart, only pleasure.A woman who finds you attractive does not love you, but wants sex.

I can’t give you an absolute master plan.But a few approaches:
1.Be yourself: There is no point in a woman wanting you for a role played. Sooner or later she will notice your game and leave you.
2.Know your strengths: You may not be attractive, but you may be smart, emphatic or very talented in an art. Build these strengths, carry them outwards. The currency of love is virtue.
3.Know your weaknesses: You need that so as not to stand out and get into uncomfortable situations. Every human being has weaknesses that would be foolish to hide.

The problem has to do with the universal resonance laws, in particular with the universal law of attraction.I recommend reading Diana Cooper’s “The Spiritual Life Guide.” It reads easily and quickly. I would implement and live the described one:1 as soon as possible. Then the right soul partner (and that’s what it’s all about most of the time) and life partner for life should be found soon. Note: People are both transmitters and receivers. Often we radiate a message to the outside world that is actually of healing or healing. need transformation. When both have been done, I draw whole new people into my life 鈥?according to my heart’s wishes.

Feelings or the need for physical union cannot be forced.But it can be very helpful to talk to each other openly, politely, sincerely and sensitively. It solves blockages and misunderstandings… Good luck

Define unattractive.Appearances?

A scar?A crooked nose? Bald? Leaning ears? Narrow lips? Tight eyes?

Loving yourself can make a warm woman want him.

Not in the kind of selfish love, but real love for oneself.

Then you have charity and that leads to happiness.

And finally to the partner or to partner who does you good.

Because that’s what you want.or not?

If you want violence, you get violence.

If you want love, you get it as described above.

He has to buy them, so to speak, bribe them.Just like many do….

Money and status usually take a long time.Becareful – he will cut them full, as he made them docile. Both don’t want to see each other in the mirror anymore.

This route is not recommended.Therefore, everyone should decide for themselves, although then everyone suffers from the decision, and the product of it, is at least just as shit.

I know men who whenever you had a good contract in your pocket, 4-6 months later there was a good-looking woman by his side…..

It’s always the same

Humor and intelligence is what women really want.Men need to be happy with themselves so that we women can find him ateractive. Rarely has anything to do with the appearance, but with the charisma.

Forget the women first (I did something similar to another question that was about moving others to do something).

You are the keys.You can change yourself. Just yourself – that’s difficult enough, on the other hand, that’s volkommen and more than enough. It is something wonderful, as Anne Frank already claimed:

  • “Hoe heerlijk is het, dat no man een minuut hoeft te wachten met te beginnen de wereld langzaam te doen veranderen!

Hoe heerlijk dat ieder, klein of groot, direct zijn deel ertoe bij kan dragen om rechtvaardigheid te brengen en te geven!”

(practice your Dutch, boys and girls ; ) )

… therefore… begin to get to know yourself (better) and love (more).Others will follow.

how… my tips:

  • Yoga (best a loving kind, like Anusara).

Body Balance (by Les Mills), Tai Chi, Pilates etc probably goes so well. Some movement system that somehow demands physical and other kinds of awareness.

  • Rituals that means building habits, like shopping every Friday in the same shop, monday evenings always a walk… and then pay attention to others, who always welcome themselves, etc.
  • Practice and develop the social reflexity.

  • Evt.
  • any lesser or non-verbal form of therapy. IEMT has helped me excellently (www.integraleyemovementtherapy.co.uk).EMDR too, but less well. Voice Dialogue – rather aimed at social reflexity, can also help well. TRE maybe, I would try if I had a fall back (hope not, but if so, I can at least look forward to learning).

  • Read this book: James R. Doty’s “into the magic shop”, translated as “the neurosurgeon who almost forgot his heart,” also see https://www.moment-by-moment.de/….
  • Have fun and luck!

    Unattractive starts with oneself, why should someone be unattractive .. every person has something that is beautiful about him !And if you pay attention to a well-groomed appearance and meet the world with a smile, a woman will surely be attentive and smile back. Already the first step has been taken everything else you should let yourself be guided by your feeling …

    Earn a lot of money, come to power, both make men very sexy.If a man has power and money, the women come by themselves. Watch all sorts of “celebrity shows.” This has been true since the Stone Age, successful hunters came back to the group with prey. They distributed the spoils, but they got prestige, power, sex.

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