What benefits would it have if the Netherlands were to join the Federal Republic of Germany as a federal country?

The Germans love us.And if we do a little better to appreciate the Germans, then we think we have a top relationship with our good neighbour and the most powerful economy in the world-where the Netherlands does not.

Thanks to this good relationship, the Netherlands now has more influence within Europe and the rest of the world than we should have on the basis of our resident number.

As a state, we do not have that, and perhaps it would soon have ended with that wondrous a that the Germans have for us.We can squeeze ourselves into our hands with such a good neighbor, and appreciate them a little more.

For Germany or for the Netherlands?For Germany it would be advantageous, but for the Netherlands not. One of the reasons that the Netherlands has been able to develop so well economically is because the Atlantic Ocean is closer to the Netherlands and therefore also America and Asia, there is fish in the North Sea and we develop ourselves as a state independently. Let that also happen to be reasons that the Hanseatic was waning in her power.

Economically, we are already as good as a German state, so I only see disadvantages.To begin with, there would be a popular uprising of furious civilians, furiously to the loss of our sovereignty that existed since 1585, much longer than that of Germany.

German as a language has never been popular with us and the pressure to adopt this as a standard language would increase, which would reinforce the aversion.Old and almost buried prejudices and enemy images would flash again as alive. We are still living in the age of nationalism.

It is true that in the Middle Ages we were part of the German Empire.But then we did not have a golden age in which the Netherlands was the main player on the world stage.

Our historical consciousness is a shadow of what it was in the 19th century.But every child who takes note of our history at school will react indignant if it learns that for economic reasons we would have given our nation without a blow or punch to our eastern neighbours. Note the sentiments during the football match Netherlands-Germany. That is a slight shadow of what awaits us when our country is made a gift to the Germans.

I myself am relatively friendly to our eastern neighbours, and the NL-D relationship has never been as good since the war as it is today. In the past, I could be disturbed if German beach tourists had any claims in their language, or I would claim in German if they wanted to know the way in a city.But that happens almost no more.

So my dislike is almost completely dropped away.Yet I must not think about it, such Anschluss. Not in the future either. I would probably go into the resistance.

Mergers in the business community often cause problems because the administrative cultures of the two companies vary.

You will also see this in a merger with the Dutch and German national governments.In Germany One follows the letter of the Law and the authority of managers is respected. In The Netherlands one does what, and the boss is just a colleague.

Maybe a bit too stereotyp, and maybe the Dutch Bundesland will be able to go into enough areas without much interference from the government.So maybe it will eventually windfall.

But I don’t see the benefits.To the extent that something needs to be coordinated at supranational level, we already have the EU.

I agree with Frank Flippo : exceedingly bad idea.

Well I’m called an idealist.In my view, we need to go to a world government. We are with far too many people, and the economic problems and the problems caused by climate change are far too great to be solved by individual countries.

And boundaries are so arbitrary.It is a bad thing that it depends entirely on happiness how your life is progressing, depending on where you were born?

So no, connection to Germany I do not see happen.What might happen is that two countries are merging. Voluntarily in one country. That is another story, because then the starting point is equivalent.

Should we merge with Germany?Maybe we can start with the Benelux. That would be a nice start. We small country are suddenly less small.

In the Ender Books of Orson Scott Card, there is a world government, but all countries remain independent.They only have domestic politics, not foreign. Not an army, because that is in the service of the world government. That seems to me to be a bit. I think that is actually the best option out there.

Please do not say!

Also nice timing after another loss against Germany in the last minute.
Has nothing to do with it, but still haha.

I asked the question because, just as the legitimate national sentiments left, as a Dutch citizen may have more influence on your own economic situation than it is today. It is Germany which determines to a large extent our economic goings and sails.The guilder was tied to the Mark.

Now we can exert some influence or German policy through the EU.As a real state, the Netherlands would have 18% of the seats in the Bundestag and 10% of the seats in the Federal Council with a veto on a number of subjects. We would then gain more control over matters that directly concern us. And the Mannschaft together with the Dutch team would win every World Cup:-)

I live in Germany and see no benefits.Germany is very bureaucratic and is hopelessly lagging behind in terms of digitisation and payments. In the Netherlands there is rightly or wrongly enough to grumble, but also on many business chins we are proud.

For trading it would be great in relation to the larger sales area, for consumers it would be fantastic because of the better price level, the tax burden would be much lower and all those people who drive 芒 鈧?虄 Nur Links芒 鈧?are expected to be very Quickly.

However, I would rather see that Europe would work well.Will still last a century I suspect.

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