What beautiful historic cities in Europe do you know that still have a sharp edge and not by and by its lacquered, repainted and kapotrestored for the tourist masses?

You can find those rafel edges everywhere when you take the TIME… And that in all dimensions: Early, late, long, slow and of course especially the history.

  • Early: Go on time: il Caffè St Eustachio in Rome, near the Pantheon seems to be flooded all day by tourists, but in the morning for half a 9 a cappucino drink and you have the case for yourself (and the real Romans of course).

The square with the terraces in front of the Pantheon around midnight is also an absolute must on the quest for Rafel edges.

  • Late: Use the evening: Delft, the city where I can live in a 399 year old Canal house, is most beautiful on the late evening, when the twilight just falls.
  • Walk through the center where the mirrored canals double the city, the air in the summer is sweetened by the flowering Linden and the inhabitants just turn on the lights but not yet close the curtains so that the glow gives the vowels a magical touch. Look up! Each house is different and the details make every meter inner city a fascinating experience, which in its complex diversity can really never be restored.

  • Long: Stay more than two days and don’t plan your whole day full of “compulsory” numbers.
  • In Paris It is fantastic to walk along the Seine.Enjoy a bench, then dive back out of the peace and take a sidetrack into the city. Walk, walk, walk.

  • Slow: Another plea for walking, or even for sitting.
  • Take the Sint-Anna pedestrian tunnel under the Scheldt from the centre of Antwerp to the left bank.A beautiful park and a fantastic view of the city is your reward, where the tourist masses disappear between the cracks of the city.

  • History: At first glance, Edinburgh seems to be a funny centre with many small streets.
  • But wait until you get to know the urban history, and see it back “in real life” there is literally a world open for you, and you don’t even see the tourists anymore. Advertising is not my thing, but this tour Walking tours of Edinburgh.Choose history or underground ghost tours | Mercat Tours was really particularly worthwhile and is given in small groups by enthusiastic guides.Painted and painted? Maybe. It is a place where in a dark past people like rats in the gaps and openings under the roads created a second world,

    That you have the opportunity to visit historical cities as tourists, that people take the trouble to keep important places and make them accessible: you do it easily with a reference to tourist masses.You will not soon see yourself as part of a “mass”. But believe me, for the inhabitants of the Rafel edges you are looking for, you are. A little lost maybe. Not so noisy maybe. Looking for something productive maybe. But a tourist. One of the many who visit their place of residence.

    If you can believe Ilja L. Pfeijffer: Genoa.

    Via Genoa

    Even tourists amusement park Amsterdam still has some jagges.However, they are rapidly disappearing under the violence of project developers and directors.

    ‘, ‘ You don’t have to look far.Bruges: Have you ever seen the carriage rides through Sint-Pieters? Ghent: Start from the Graslei, determine the accidental wind direction and walk a fifteen minutes. Roeselare: Don’t bother and stay at home.
    Lille: What is now called ‘ Vieux Belgique ‘ and where you can drink in faux bars-tabac cups of coal extract, find artsy boutiques and replace the asphalt with new cobblestones, was when I was 10 was indistinguishable from an Algerian suburb.A dusty square, surrounded by teahouses, where older gentlemen in long white robes, a fez on the head, looked together at the square. What is authentic now? The skinny hurting young French Intellos in their fake pubs or the North Africans who had already said everything?

    “,” City is a flexible concept.I am now on holiday in Spain, and have been in Maçanet de Cabrenys yesterday in north East Catalonia. Although this place is not far from the Costa Brava, the Slingerweg by the Pirinnean is probably a limitation for large-scale tourisme.

    Maçanet de Cabrenys-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Besalú has been discovered by tourisme, but the municipality has managed to keep the project developers out of the door.


    Those who have time will encounter a lot of untouched and rough gems in the Pirinean.

    Tallinn and Kiev…

    The old town of Genoa, the ‘ Vicoli ‘.Ask about it and I assure you that you are walking around there-beware because it is not everywhere lint there-from one surprise to the other falls. Tiny little shops and restaurants where you can enjoy the authentic Ligurian and other Italian/international specialities. Close by is also the old port and a beautiful aquarium where the dolphinarium in it does not fall-with all due respect incidentally, because as a child it was also blown in harderwijk enjoyment!

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