What attracts you most with a woman?

as furnished by nature are the secondary female sex characteristics: hourglass shape,, waist, etc.with me then still big dark eyes, long dark hair… but last but also a contradictory warm soul, intelligence and sense of cultural. here is a text from the 16th century. edited and set to music by me (spilwut CD 8) : A female image, nit small, nit large, with limb and wide in right measure. Nit thick, nit thin, with tight strap, With thighs like two solid castle.With Rehleins Aug and Angel’s Voice’, with good soul and wit in the brain. With delicate little bit, full lips, a mouthlike as for the nectarnip. The breasts should soften softly, a hard ass, a wet puss. Always welcome admission. These are the most beautiful gifts of God.

I’d rather wake up for a long time than make money, success and honor.

Do not need orders and deeds, I have found in the woman bessres.

So much and so different.But most of all, their intellect. It may be that a woman is not exactly pretty, but she can’t do anything, but if I can talk to her very well about different things (literature, politics, history, art, cinema, relationships, sex…) i find that very appealing. The way a woman speaks can be very attractive, but there isn’t even something fixed. There is a story about this: during my studies, I met attractive young women in my eyes again and again in the canteen. I always wanted me to sit at her table and meet her. It is worth mentioning here that I was a very shy person. The emphasis is on WAR! Well it really happened one day and anyway she sat down with her friends at my table in the canteen and the girls talked. I wanted to run away! I have not spoken to her a single word. When she talked to her friends, she had a sound in her voice that chased me away. But I also met women whose voices were beautiful. We can’t do anything for all these appearances. What matters is the character and a handsome face that appeals to you and shines on you. Of course, as a man, one also respects the typical appearances of a woman.

It all depends on what I have in common with her… ;-D

No, seriously, there is a purely sexual attraction, which is defined precisely by the personal preferences regarding the appearance of a woman.

Large women with pronounced female shapes, dark or red hair and a deep, smoky voice I usually fall for immediately… 😀

If such a woman is a more tangible, sporty guy, drinks vodka instead of Willli and otherwise not the type doll, but rather the “bad girl”, then it becomes very dangerous…

In the end, it is precisely these qualities that permanently attract me, which make the difference between just attractive and fascinating.

Warmth, beauty, self-confident but not arrogant demeanor.

First of all, but these are only the optical few seconds before getting to know each other, a beautiful female appearance, a good, at least healthy looking figure (bus, buttocks, face, skin, hair) etc.If it has a natural species brimming with estrogen, it attracts me.

I have never felt drawn to her because of a woman’s professional position or knowledge of history in the later course of getting to know her, which is a further way of highlighting the relevance of the woman’s appearance when falling in love.For women who are heavily veiled, e.g. by obfuscation, I find myself emotionally in a grey area, because something like Schr枚dinger’s cat is at work. Since the character can break any mood with any beautiful woman, I would like to focus on this. I can at least better describe the character attractiveness of women by citing stereotypes according to the exclusion principle, which I find repulsive:

  1. Women who constantly stand up for ideals that are not fully developed in the way of thinking or that are not lived consistently.

Eg. Emanzen who only shout their slogans in the peer group, but then give themselves differently privately. Or those who are in favour of headscarves, because they believe that this has something to do with a free religious decision of the woman. For political reasons, these women only want to be with foreigners or are lesbians. It also happens when the phase of life is over or when the group dissolves, they prefer to go into financial and emotional dependence of a charming breadwinner, who in reality is a career-hungry asshole of which they are no longer so easy. to get away. Gamer babes and metal brides also fall into this category.

  • Inflated, overly made-up ticks with the manners that are “really crass” in superficialities and spit down from above on emotionally or physically less gifted people (e.g.
  • people with disabilities or nerds/intellectuals). You meet them every weekend in the disco and they let themselves be towed there by muscular bling bling macho’s in the Mercedes (for which the next 3 generations are still stumbling away) and then get drunk in the ass and believe that this is Soul kinship. The morning after, they lament how unfaithful those pigs are and subconsciously displace the fact that they are already being kept off like on the assembly line all the time. They do not understand that this gorilla’s just drop its charge once according to their instincts from prehistoric times.

  • Moderately good-looking women who are somewhat educated but already extremely conceited, now in the modern Otto-Normal-Consumer variant.
  • These are women who are because of Dad’s TG, origin, status etc. think of it as something better. They care about every text message and every bowel of their partner and they care about elegant appearance and high income, but the latter is not for the purpose of money, but for social recognition (all the material things they have can be they do not appreciate it because they have been too shaved throughout their lives. There are times when you go to the hairdresser three times a week and get a permanent wave for a week’s salary). In the family home they were always the princess and expect such treatment from everyone and fall into a deep psychological crisis when something does not go according to plan. These women love animals, but hate animals abysmally, because animals behave naturally and they themselves are no longer able to do so. These are women who can become extremely touching at any moment and expect the whole environment to take part in this emotional dissent. Such women are extremely cunning professionally because they are emotionally manipulative and they prefer to rely on fraud and intrigue rather than performance, developing their personality or even expressing their own opinions. They usually pick up a gamma or omega male and rob him of his last self-worth in endless right-handed discussions, educate him with the help of their cuddly sex practice, which has been tested on stuffed animals, so that he jumps at A, starts laughing at B and then at C in front of the Train throws.

  • Grey mice, generally too cowardly to live, mostly housewives who want to quickly marry someone, no matter whom ,(often they end up with violent or brainless but good-looking backers who throw rubber balls against the room door all afternoon in their youth have).
  • They do this for fear of burglars they’ve heard about in the news, and then swallow their frustration with like-minded wives over coffee and cake every day. Over time, they get a mega-fat ass and then start swearing behind closed doors about everything that’s kind of different. Their morality is super Christian-conservative and always politically correct. They raise their eyebrows in public with every little thing (snouting, breathing too fast…) and snort indignantly. In old age, this artificial excitement can sometimes lead to a heart attack.

  • Very educated (studied), cultivated and often intelligent, intelligent women who are unfortunately also usually potty ugly or wear glasses with seven hundred times magnification.
  • But that doesn’t mean that smart women are automatically ugly, there are also particularly stupid women who are ugly. Women from this group are only able to relate to skateboarders, who shit them on their first visit to the bathtub and then deny this. Occasionally, an ONS treats themselves to students because they try to make up for their lost life as standers, or they also sometimes get involved with hipsters, ravers, hippies or minors. Impression of which of these gives me.With a woman, always the eyes and then the feeling I get when it comes to a conversation and her voice, then her body.

    My current wife, with which I have been together for over 17 years, I saw her for the first time when I picked her up from the airport with my sister-in-law, she was a friend of hers.When she was introduced to me there, I knew we were going to get married and form a happy family and that’s how it happened. There were low points, of course, but we got through them well together and strengthened our relationship. And we are happy for the 3 children who have enriched our lives.

    There are different levels of attraction.Purely physical attraction and personality. On the physical level, my ideal wife is around 1.70m tall, has curly red hair, white skin and freckles and sporty but not lean construction. The size of the breasts doesn’t matter that much, but I like smaller nipples.

    On the mental level, she has to be very intelligent and confident.An IQ in my area, and a lot of education. Similar views are also important. Not religious. inquisitive. Experimental. female.

    My current partner is a hit on the mental level and rather not on the physical level.And that was a good choice.

    I’m already married, so no woman has to dress me anymore.

    Appearance is always a factor.I (and probably many other people) like to talk to people with comparable and higher physical beauty. This also means that people with less erasure are more likely than you to be addressed, and in order to stay in the conversation, a different interest must be aroused. At this point, I believe that the most likely thing to do is to make a subconscious attractiveness decision, to exchange contact details and to increase interest over the next sessions, or to choke off

    I’m not going to talk about character now, because it’s always so different and unique that you can’t generalize it.

    Physically, when I’m supposed to judge a woman from adistance, I’m actually looking at my legs first.These tell me a lot about the figure, fitness, slimness (yes I prefer slim women, i am not the widest) and personality of the woman. Then on the remaining features such as butt, torso, hair. And at the very end the face, because there are many beautiful faces out there, who are rarely responsible for an unattractive/unsympathetic impression.

    All my opinion.


    No, without joking.There’s the saying “stupid f**** good,” but that’s not. Such ones usually lack imagination. Physical attributes are almost alke irrelevant to me. Personality, intelligence, that’s it. Chemistry.

    When the pastor asked me in the interview why I wanted to marry my wife, I crystallized it to a statement: “Because I feel comfortable with her.” And that is the essence for me, the most important thing.

    Well, as a woman, of course, I see women differently from a man.I don’t want to conquer her or have her as a partner.

    I am attracted to her strength in women when she lives her femininity authentically.All this with a healthy self-esteem and a good education or knowledge, or a well developed personality over the years. When it shines from within.

    But the whole thing can also be transferred to all people.Except that the man is then in his masculinity.

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