What are your tips for writing the best resume?

Be sure to splash your cover letter enthusiasm!Also, apply your resume and your letter to the function with every application and make sure your letter is really well-noticed between all those standard boring letters (which in Word are already too standard, you look best if you can buy an original template online Zoa LS Here for example: resume template/coverletter/Curriculum vitae by Shop resume Templates (personally, I like the templates on Etsy because you also know that they are made by someone with the manual IPC band work, there are also often new set up So you can quickly:) an original)

Remember that many recruiters and almost every HR employee/star takes very little time to scan your resume.

A second or 10 you may have and then whether the reader is triggered, or uninterested.In The latter case, you may be happy with a substantiated rejection.

So the message is:

Most relevant (recent) info on the first page, make the Reader easy (align, list data, headings bold etc.) prevent clich茅 expressions and other itching words, be original (but don’t exaggerate) and stay concise.

Ps.Take a look at Word templates on your PC.

Ha!Ikke! 🙂

From someone who scored a new job without much effort at the 61st:

You only get limited time to awaken the interest of the reader, so a good first impression is important.Ensure clear, easy-to-understand formatting.

On the first page, make clear what your qualities and abilities are.Use a format that makes “diagonal reading” easy.

If your RESUME is out of hand in terms of length (which can happen if you have been in the process for a while), make sure you start in enumerations with the most recent and relevant.

As for your previous relationship: Keep it business.If you put in your RESUME why you wanted to leave somewhere so much, an HR employee will soon think “I don’t want something like this to be in the RESUME of an ex-employee.”

As a recruiter, I can tell you that your resume is often driven by a search on key words.

So make sure that in your resume the key words are from the vacancy, preferably a few times.
After that, we will check if the candidate lives near the company where the vacancy is.
Then it looks at recent experience and whether it matches the vacancy.

Always be honest but make your experience even more beautiful and interesting, they do with the vacancy also;-)

And as a final tip: Always call the company, you often have the chance to make an appointment for a conversation, your resume will send you, but the appointment you have inside.

Furthermore, I can say that vacancies are often filled in via connections, someone who knows someone who may be interested in the job.

So make sure you have a lot and active network, Linkedin for example.

Networking is just working;-)


Write about your passion regarding the work you want to do.What makes you enthusiastic? What gives you energy? What are your qualities? What are you happy with in your work? If you can truly describe that from your heart, in my opinion you have the best RESUME.

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