What are your moral rules?

I am not a machine, and I am certainly often unaware that I am not behaving optimally from the perspective of others (if you do not see an inadequacy, then you cannot try to work on it).

Apart from that, the following approaches are a guide in my decisions:

  • “The freedom of the One ends where the freedom of the other begins.” In practice, this results in respect for the boundaries of other people, for the relativity of one’s own desires, and the need to sometimes coordinate with others, or to coordinate with others.

at least to be open to it.

  • “What you don’t want to do to you doesn’t do to any andre” (or even the inverse rule of it – i.e. to give to others what you would like to have yourself).
  • The idea of a “closed system” in which we are all located, and which logically tends to similar balancing currents.
  • For me, for example, in road traffic, this means that I sometimes “leave” someone who is not normally entitled to drive when I see that the otherwise “never” would get into the dense, flowing traffic. At some point I will be in a position to do so, and then I will need something like that, or so. I’m happy about it.

  • Love and empathy: After a TV show, for example, I can still get upset about Muslim fanaticism and discrimination against Muslim women, but when I meet a Muslim family on the street, the smile of the mother, the loving treatment of the father Etc.
  • At the moment, this is what my actions informs in the here and now – and not any mental constructs that I may carry around with me.

  • I try never to lie, because I consider lies to be a poison that can cause considerable damage to interpersonal relationships.
  • Exceptions would be hostage-taking situations and the like.

  • Protection of victims against the protection of perpetrators: Although I think it is important to see people even in “worst” perpetrators, I think it makes sense, in case of doubt, to protect the interests and needs of a perpetrator in the face of the need of their victims for their own integrity. to be treated in subordinated terms.
  • So if “because of me” a blatantly irresponsible driver loses his driving licence and has to “Depperltest”, then I am sorry for that somewhere, but I still prefer it to be because of this driver an innocent man is killed.

  • Self-reflection: Sometimes difficult to implement in everyday life, I assume, at least in the abstract, that I at least subconsciously co-create many not-so-good situations.
  • In meditations, for example, one can notice relatively quickly how far away from “neutral” one is in one’s inner tuning – and conclude that this “electromagnetic subpoena” is most likely a permanent, but hardly concretely feasible impact on its environment.

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