What are your experiences working in a Big 4 company?

I worked as a senior consultant at Deloitte, PwC and Capgemini.I can say with certainty that working at Big 4 is much better in terms of lifestyle, project quality and work experience than any other consulting firm. I then moved from PwC to Capgemini. But I didn’t last more than 2 months there because I was spoiled by the luxurious quality of life and work of Big4. Here’s why:

  • Excellent travel policy during the trip: Deloitte and PwC are very relaxed in terms of cost.

Their cost limit per meal is quite high and even after eating in the best restaurants, I never got close to that limit in 4 years of my tenure. They trust you in terms of spending and don’t ask you often. Only if you spend an insane amount.
At Capgemini I was asked about all incidental costs during my trip.They even had strange policy issues when it comes to the budget for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have breakfast at the hotel, you have to eat there, even if you get the same meal every day.I thought to myself, is this your seriousness? They also do not pay for dinner on Thursday, the usual day of departure. Capgemini expects her staff to work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., then take the flight, come home and then cook at 11 p.m. It was super frustrating for me.

  • Amazing hotels and discounts: If you love it, in the best hotels like SPG, Hyatt, Marriott, InterContinental etc.
  • Big4 will allow you to stay overnight. All travelling consultants can stay at the best hotels in the city. As a Big4 employee, you get all sorts of benefits and perks from the hotel. I always stayed in the presidential suite during my trip and relaxed by the pool after work. I was fine and I was able to do my job better.
    At other consulting firms, you’ll be asked to stay in cheap to average hotels.Sometimes consultants had to share their rooms when it became too expensive. You’ll never see that in the Big4.

    • On Monday morning you can arrive comfortably: At Big4 they respect your time and your private life.

    You only have to be in the hotel until midnight on the month. Those who travel from coast to coast usually travel on Monday evenings. On Thursday, everyone leaves the customer’s office around 2 p.m., so they can get home by 6 p.m. I love this culture.
    At Capgemini you had to be there at 8 o’clock in the morning and it doesn’t matter if you live 5km or 500m from the customer office.I always got up at 3 a.m. to catch the flight at 5 a.m.

  • You are a brand: Whenever I was a Deloitte and PwC consultant in the customer office, I was always treated with the utmost respect.
  • People automatically think of you as an intelligent professional. The Big4 brand name speaks for itself. Leaders appreciate your solutions and recommendations, you just need to be confident enough.

    • Access to world-class projects: At Big4, you can work with some of the industry’s biggest names.

    In my 4-year career, I have worked with brands like Google and Facebook. Disney, Comcast and many more. You can never gain such diverse and rich experience at consulting companies.

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