What are your experiences with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

I have completed both the NLP Practitioner and the NLP Master and have had very good experiences with it, a few of which I would like to share here in an incomplete list: Communication is an essential point for me, which is our interpersonal relationships.

  • Greater awareness
    One of the biggest changes I could notice was the consciousness I developed for myself, my inner beliefs, and others.

We talk and communicate constantly with our mind & body, as well as other people, even if we are unaware of this.

But it is only when we are aware of this that we can change it.It often helps to have a sense of a situation and to be able to look at it from a different perspective in order to avoid possible misjudgments.

  • VAKOG will be known to many 鈥?our 5 senses with which we perceive our environment.
    • Visual (see),
    • auditory (listen),
    • kineaesthetic (feel),
    • olfactory (smell),
    • gustatory (taste)

      the more details we can perceive in a situation, the better we can remember it or.

(think, for example, of an acidic lemon 鈥?into which you bite. What’s next for you? ;-)).

  • On a wavelength 鈥?with some people we understand each other seemingly effortlessly, with others we just can’t?

Perhaps a matter of communication.

One may speak very figuratively (“the deep blue sea”), while the other reacts more to auditory elements (“the hissing of the spray”).

A lot of information can be lost here, which can be perceived as sympathetic or repulsive.It’s worth keeping this in mind.

  • Presenting – With a certain knowledge of the impact we have on others, I was also able to significantly improve my presentations.

The way you present something is usually much more important than what you present.

Body language, facial expressions, gestures, vocal position, energy are central elements.People often don’t remember what you said, but how they felt with you.

(More on this: Present confidently)

  • Anchoring: Do you know this annoying concrete, which is associated with a large furniture store?

Clearly, an anchor has been set here. You can also use them in presentations and emotions to use recurring elements or to targeted reminders and states.

  • Recognize & Change Limiting Beliefs

    When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and think, “Oh my God, I look terrible again today!” 鈥?are you aware of that?

A lot of people talk to themselves all day like that and don’t realize that this is one of the worst things they can do.

It is important to be aware of this.The techniques have helped me a lot to change these limiting beliefs.

  • Manipulation

    NLP is automatically equated by many with manipulation and black rhetoric 鈥?this is nonsense.

Rhetoric is certainly an important part of the NLP, but certainly not designed to destroy a conversation 😉 It can be compared to a tool, such as a knife: it can be used to cook to eat and thus do something good, or to commit crimes.How we use it is in our hands 鈥?but this does not make the tool good or evil, but is exclusively in the person of the user.

People who are afraid of manipulation must first understand how manipulation happens in order to be able to defend themselves against it, as is happening all the time in advertising: because you can only be manipulated if you are accessible to somethinganyway.Advertising for women’s handbags will hardly appeal to me, while new technology devices already seem more interesting 😉

If one is aware of this, the “dangerous” manipulation quickly loses its terror.

  • Comfort Zone

    In all the exercises, one will probably come across hidden shadows and repressed experiences that are now coming to light, which one must face in order to solve them.

A very interesting process, but it is also very instructive and leads even further to “get to know” oneself.


This list of course only covers a fraction of the things that can be done in the NLP 鈥?for me these experiences have been very helpful and I notice every day how I can use them in everyday life to perform more in sport, job, university, my relationships to live much more intensively and to bring more quality to life.

For these reasons it was a very good decision for me to complete the Prac + Master.

Personality building is certainly one of the most exciting investments and the biggest adventure I’ve embarked on so far and I’m looking forward to every day where I can learn something new.

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