What are your best skin care tips ever?

My answer to the question: ‘ What are your best skincare tips ever?

All those expensive words and flashing commercials sell an illusion.

Skin care Tips from magazines are (also) not all carefully researched and proven, even though it seems so.

In my own case, I can’t tolerate any skin care product, how Ph-neutral (nice term for soft for the skin) it may be.

As far as this type of product is concerned, I am therefore an objective (perhaps too) sober outsider, who uses his eyes and ears (and in a certain unproven degree also his brain).

Example: Why does each self-respecting product use the word hydrating, while wetting just as well describes what it does?

One more thing: ‘ Micellar water ‘ is nothing but water with some abrasive additives.You can also make it yourself with a little effort. Well, that should be in a safe environment, not in your attic room.

And so we go on.Many of these products have advertisements, in which almost no word Dutch is used anymore, except perhaps when it comes to an offer.

Why is that?Pure and only for the image. The brand doesn’t matter, very often the same chemical mess comes with a slightly different color in another bottle or another tube. Toothpaste, for example, remains a abrasive for your teeth, which, ironically, is based on (chemically) altered sugars. All these colours are very little, although a narcotic effect on nerves is an addition that is appreciated. The processes used in the making of toothpaste are hardly distinguishable in all brands. It used to be a lot, when fluoride was in it. But a ‘ new ‘ product brings more money in the last. So new features and new colours were introduced with the introduction of texts.

All those ‘ improved ‘ formulas do the same.You do not make me point out that the ladies and gentlemen chemists have not done their best on the first released version…

Maybe this answer seems slightly off-topic, so now the answer to the question:

The best skincare tips ever are the tips that work best for you personally.What works for others doesn’t have to work for you.

Very good question, what are the best care products?

It is very difficult to find the right products for your skin and skin type.9 out of 10 people are not even aware of what skin type he or she has. This is step 1 to find the right products.

Nowadays, you can see in every commercial that what is now the perfect products to get a beautiful, even and smooth skin.These are often products that have a lot of junk in what causes the skin to become upset.

3 years ago I got a severe form of acne.I have searched for the best make up and care products for many years. I went by at the Douglas and every time I got some smeared. Then I went out with 250 euros and stayed as much as before. After a lot of searching and losing a lot of money, I finally came into contact with a good institute that has been researching my skin with great care and patience.

My tip: Look for products that do not contain any added junk, but what is pure good for hydration.Your skin doesn’t need much. Make sure you clean the skin very well in the morning and in the evening with a gentle cleanser and then a nourishing day and night cream. Before you buy these products, look for someone who can tell you what kind of skin you have.

Your skin will only react well when you have found the right products.Consult a good skin coach or institute.

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