What are your 10 rules of being a woman?

As a child, it wasn’t really easy to be a girl.I didn’t want it because it was exhausting to always behave decently, to be loved and to do what you were told.

In my youth, I had no physical or mental willingness to assume that I had to bleed monthly.It was always a torment, a non-ending spasm, unnecessary nausea, permanent fatigue, pimples everywhere etc…

I generally felt like I was losing out because I was a girl, so I’m worth less than others, even though no one ever said that.It was more of a subliminal thought, something that was gurgling around in my subconscious and burdening me for time.

Until I slowly understood what it means to be a woman:

  1. Assuming I’m awoman.

Not to be judged on this. And not to compare me (especially not with men).

  • To discover the beautiful sides of being a woman for me and to live them out in my own way.
  • To accept that I will never be like menbecause women are women and have feminine qualities that you have to integrate to feel complete.
  • (To all feminists: This does not mean that women cannot be as successful, famously rich, or powerful as men, but simply that they can achieve it in a different way and not take men as an example.)

  • That female qualities, such as creativity, gentleness, understanding, weakness, softness, chaos, darkness and above all intuition are just as desirable as their male counterparts.
  • The objective is to compensate.

  • Re-learning on one’s own feeling of listening to, trusting and following the female intuition,even if society, family, partners and friends sometimes do not agree.
  • I only know for myself what is right for me. (That, in turn, does not mean that one should ignore the opinions of others; one should not always follow it.)

  • It’s important and right to take time for myself (especially when I have my period), even if school, work and family and friends and any other “duties” are waiting for me.
  • No one is responsible for me and I am not responsible for anyone but myself (and, if applicable,
  • for their own children while they are still young)

  • I should remain true to my values and not let anyone push me in any direction.
  • Neither other women nor other men.

  • No expectations of others and of life and never trying to change people (especially not men).
  • Wishes on the other hand, I can and should expressdirectly.

  • There is the historically influenced stereotype of the classical (house) woman, there is the frowned-upon stereotype of the suggestive, kinky, sexy (dream) woman (of all men), the despised stereotype of the naive, stupid, incompetent woman (“blonde”) and the relatively new Stereotype of the strong, independent feminist.
  • But we women never conform to ONE stereotype. We can be what we want, when we want, how we want and why wewant.(Of course, one should not act selfishly but wisely)

    My rules are far from complete or ultimate, but they definitely help me.I think everyone should handle this for themselves and listen to their feelings about what suits him and what doesn’t:D

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    I look forward to you:D

    Your Farya

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