What are your 10 rules for traveling alone?

-Two pinpasses are handy, which you keep separate from each other.And make sure that money is on both accounts.

-Fasten your wallet to your pants with a chain or something like that, against losing/forgetting/stealing.(Buy 30 cm metal chain at chore, pull it through your purse and fasten it to the other end to a belt key, belt chain or whatever it’s called and so you can clip it to the front of your pants)

-Check prices before purchasing a product or service that does not include a quote.Personally, I avoid any service or purchase without a quote.

-Make sure someone knows where you are, (* Appje to a size with the name of the city, bar, hotel etc

-Make sure your passport is secure on your place of residence, take a different ID on the street because it can be requested by authorities and security.So you always go with at least 2 ID’s on the trip, or otherwise take a copy of your passport if you go outside (unless it is compulsory in a country to always legisify you).

-Be kind to the locals who are too.Knowing someone on location that you may, can still come out well and makes a place more enjoyable. But watch out for manipulative games. ‘ Separate deals, gambling, extra looking with business that does not come officially.
Nowadays, many places do have a resident who speaks good English, is educated and deserves his or her bread in a neat way.Often you can have a good conversation with these people without coming across many of Barrie’s culture and they are often best able to help you if you get into trouble.

-If you are a man: look extra in intimacy for women who happen to be eager, she has Facebook/LinkedIn, she comes educated and clear about?Does she have a clear story about how she comes to the cost?
It is not so common that a poor woman with a lot of financial pressure and with little training from pure lust and passion with a strange man dives into the bed.Often there is a plan behind (afterwards to ask for money, get pregnant to receive money for maintenance, rob you etc) if you are looking for this kind of entertainment, go to the chic nightspots where women come with a good job and ask if you come across someone so To what kind of life she leads and see if she happens sincerely. Be careful with homosexuals, that you don’t get anything in your drink.
\xa0if you are a woman: look extra in intimacy for good looking men who happen to be eager or for potential worshippers/rapists

-If you are traveling alone, you are more dependent on the locals for fun.These can often be animated on tourist attractions. Therefore, you can often experience more fun in a place where few other travelers are, even if it is an ugly resort without many sights. As a lone you are less tourist and more traveler than group trippers. Industrial city with a cosy bar means didroks a nice stay, idyllic resort with 50 tourists on 1 local is often only fun when you come across other travelers or if you don’t need human contact

-Don’t walk too much like a typical tourist.A regular shirt and jeans with closed shoes. In Third World countries, despite the heat, I like to wear sturdy shoes (qualitative racing shoes or just leather footwear) because of the junk that often lies on the street and because you can easily walk or run distances.
Those t-shirts with imprint are nice to wear when you are back home, not on location.Shorts make you vulnerable to sunburn and insect bites, it is also less serious and often you can’t clip your wallet

-Watch out for the water you drink, what you eat and that you are not injured.Being sick is extra irritating if you are alone

-Do some fitness/cardio or exercise in the weeks before your trip.You will get sick less quickly, carry your luggage easier, better against the heat and have less trouble walking from point A to point B

-When arriving in a country preferably at the terminal, arrange a simcard with the Internet and make sure your phone is loaded. Google Maps can still be of great benefit

-Make sure you leave the terminal only if you have a change in local currency.This way you avoid that a cheeky taxi driver supposedly does not have any change and demands full flaps. The purchase of the previously mentioned SIM card can also help you to arrange that.

Book a flydrive (flight and car rental in one package)

Only book the first night, then see where you spend the nights

Take many lift (ST) ERs with you both from the country where you are as well as other tourists

Go out a lot and give your eyes and ears (next to your mouth and intestines) good the cost

Visit all markets and forpartkruideiers on

Dine in simple restaurants or snack bars/fast food unless you have half/full board)

Occasionally also local specialities

Breakfast as extensive as possible so you can skip the lunch

Stay up to three days anywhere so you can see as much of a region as possible

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