What are you going to cook for Christmas dinner? Have you already made a Christmas menu?

Two days in succession.Two times 12 man. No problem in itself. Only my fridge is too small.

Day 1 Christmas Eve:

  • Scallops with an A strawberry basil salsa.
  • Red beet soup in love with apricot finished with a sour cream, dill and salty chips.
  • Beef Wellinton with winter vegetables and Porto sauce.
  • Dessert.

Day 2 Christmas (something classic.)

  • Homemade Shrimp croquettes.
  • Celeriac parsnip soup finished with Peterseliecarrot chips.
  • Videe with Croqumies.
  • Dessert.

As you notice, the dessert is not yet determined.So I am not out yet. I just made Christmas trees with Ruby chocolate so an adornment I already have. Now the rest still.

As appetizers I have a cold pea soup, quail boutjes a l’orange, crayfish with mango salsa.

My wife has already made the choice that I this year Orloffgeroast with chicory cream and croquettes | Daily fare go cooking.This is apparently for her an old recipe from the years 70/80. Nostalgia, nostalgia, oh nostalgia, with Christmas music and two Christmas cats.

Nothing.I do not like cooking. I may be ordering something (I order regular meals via takeaway dot com).

I also ordered today (sandwiches).I immediately ordered 3 so that I have something to eat tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

The first thing I had to do was to be nice.It’s the first time I order sandwiches (this is a fairly new concept and was not possible before ordering in advance).

I have tried to enjoy cooking over the past few years, but I really don’t like it (and now even less) because I can eat little without getting sick of it.

For me it will probably be soup with a grilled sandwich.

Should I be able to eat more without getting sick, I might make some sort of vegetable bread (yes, it exists).

I’ve been learning to make it through a vegan online cooking program.It consists of seeds, corn, vegetables, herbs and spices (and of course water) to mix and blend nicely together.

You then stop the mixture in a baking mould (for cake), and then fry the whole in the oven for an hour and a half.

The end result looks like meat bread, but completely vegetable.

Really nice though!And you can feast on it for days if you bake several at a time.

P.S. now that I like to cooked and choose a menu, I would go for Choco Mousse or vanilla pudding (as dessert), soup (as an appetizer) and such a vegetable bread with a homemade sauce as main course.

I love simple but nutritious and tasty food.It should be especially comfortable eyes and tastes and easy to make.

I’m crazy about meticulous work in the kitchen (bah!).It is truly admirable that others can have such patience and so can enjoy in the kitchen, but I do not:).

Dishes that I like to eat (and make) usually have a creamy texture (risotto, pudding, puree/stew) or eyes rather rustic (eg.A vegetable soup, such as the French Pistou or Italian minestrone).

My absolute favorite kitchen is the Thai cuisine because the dishes are so nice eyes and also very tasty and healthy!

I can’t counterfeit it as they make it at the Thai take-aways.

My cooking style is rather rural, no-nonsense and not refined but rather simple, rough, natural and coarse (and yes, everyone has a style-this I have encountered and learned in the cooking Class).

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