What are you getting to Quora? Example: I can annoy myself to the laziness that drips from certain (stupid) questions.

I get worse at people commenting on answers from arrogance or hasty behavior, while in reality they do not know what they are talking about, lack experience or simply-and perhaps pathologically I am now unjustifiably-a latent Personality disorder.

I don’t have any trouble with threads focusing on the content of an answer.If you don’t agree with it, or have a different experience-just fine! Fond of other insights. But to question a person’s knowledge immediately, to be personally afzeiken and then also to not be able to come up with good points, I find a red flag.

The thrust of these comments on answers is that as an answer to a question in their eyes, you do not have the knowledge and skills to answer that question.How dare you.

It might be kind of like mansplaining but not against a woman and by something the balls lacks to call herself a real guy.

Not hindered by any knowledge about your background, all sorts of conclusions are drawn.”you have never done x” and “there is no company what X does“.

Such a thing happened to me last Sunday.

From someone who does not know me further, I was told to reply to a question about possibilities to prevent source code leaks from being heard that I “would never have written a letter code“.

That’s like saying to the butcher that he never had a knife in his hands .

He knew better how the government was going because “he did have twenty tenders“.

That I have worked with the Dutch government as client for projects as lead developer and lead architect who are used annually by 12 million Dutch people did not qualify me enough to be able to answer the question at issue.

Then the person in question even wrote something about one of my previous companies; That is, “a company with a name as a fireworks Internet would never get public procurement“.

When I said (after I had stopped laughing) that this is true but that I sold that company 20 years ago for EUR 22.5 million in a period when almost no public authorities were present on the Internet, suddenly all the other comments disappear Answer.

Then you are going to look and it doesn’t even appear to be someone with an IT background, but someone who has studied psychology and now what does with online marketing.He even wrote 300,-per month with affiliate marketing earning.

What does this self-proclaimed IT expert know everything about protecting source code?

He advises entrepreneurs on how to get more visitors to your website.

I do not want to have a whole range of industries, but I do not consider it to be a background with which you are in a position to wonder another who apparently has a different (and with a certainty, more extensive) experience than you Own.

I never understood that behaviour in humans.To others so that you can see it better yourself. Bah. Shame on you.

I sometimes get worse from bad Dutch, as in this question.It’s either: something irritates me, or: I’m getting worse at something (or someone). When it comes to questions, I often suggest improvements. Not because I am a language Puritein (my own Dutch is certainly not flawless) but because I think that we at the Dutch Quora jointly bear a responsibility for quality in all respects for the content. That is where the language belongs. But also respect, manners and of course factual correctness (is that a good Dutch word? I find it ugly but better in this context than correctness) insofar as it is relevant (of course, does not apply to opinions).

Actually I don’t irritate myself-I avoid questions that seem uninteresting to me. Why should I be worried?Pay attention to nonsense?

However, there are questions that are probably asked by children. As the question of what would happen if you detonate all the atomic bombs of the world on the moon.It was actually quite fun to think about it.

The Dutch-speaking Quora is a model in comparison with the English-thanks to C茅line!You’ve really got a bunch of stray ones that believe the Earth is flat, that there are bases of extraterrestrials on the moon etc… I have therefore pulled back from the English version. I don’t do it for such nonsense.

Irritate is a big word.I regret that questions are often too general. If someone would give a little more explanation, you can get more targeted answers.

Now you have to write comments often as >.’ If you’re referring to this, then that, but if you mean that than this. ‘ ‘ There are missing facts that are crucial to answering. As a result, answers often remain superficial and I do not think that would be the same.

What I can be annoyed with on Quora is that there are regular Dutch people who answer a question and go in with the stretched leg.Often it is also more their opinion, than an objective answer.

It is nice that we have a Dutch Quora, but at this moment this is sometimes called ‘ harder ‘ than the English language.

A recent example on the English language was the question: how do I organize my wedding without children?Many English speaking people just give practical answers. Or if they want to ventilate their opinions: “In my opinion” or “I would suggest”. A Dutchman came directly with “ridiculous! Here you are going to regret it! etc etc. “

It is in the Dutch nature to say what you think, and give your opinion.And that is in itself a great good. However, it would be good to always keep in mind than your opinion is not better than the opinion of another. And that the boundary between one’s own opinion, and and value judgement over the other is very thin.

Nouja, 9 out of 10 questions they could have even googling.

Questions that look for the negative.And even worse: the questions that also tell FF what they think are so annoying.

Just send a mail to Quora if you are bothered.

I find it irritating that I am getting negative questions about mental illnesses and disorders.Sometimes even the smallest things are compared to diseases you can die for

I’m getting worse by robots translated questions.

I am annoyed by questions translated by robots.I’m looking at you, robot.

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