What are vegetarian recipes for someone who decides to become a vegetarian and try to get used to this?

Good question and since I don’t eat vegetarian, I’m actually not the right person to request this.However, I try to eat as few meat as possible because this is better for my health. So I rarely eat beef, pork and actually nothing that runs in a pasture. That was the suggestion of the cardiologist I visited once because the GP thought he had heard a little bit at my heart. That aside.

A vegetarian can eat fish and eggs and that makes it a little less difficult to get the right nutrients.Protein is very important in order to get some of the inside daily. I personally am a fan of nuts and seeds and you can definitely add to your diet if you do not want to eat meat anymore.

My advice is not to make yourself too difficult.A man does not need much meat to live and if you keep eating varied and more often eat an egg, regularly eat some fish and shellfish and seeds and nuts then it goes pretty well. It would be better for most people if they would decrease their meat consumption and that is also better for the earth as a whole.

I’m not the most creative in the kitchen but there are online loads of recipes to be found that can give you ideas.Good luck.

I find it rather weird to eat meat substitutes.

Vegetarian food itself is just delicious.Base is rice with beans. This combination is very nutritious.

Because your main course is not meat, you can use other products instead.Vegetables and nuts. You can make sauces yourself, otherwise you will get a lot of sugar inside.

Olive oil for salads.

You may eat fish, eggs, cheese and milk.Then the switch is easier.

Although I myself am omnidirectional, my wife is vegan.Maarcik Ben the cook. The simplest way to eat vegetarian or vegan is to use meat substitutes. You can more or less keep your old eating pattern.

Although many vegetarians and vegans look down on meat substitutes, it is entirely vegetable cooking which also tastes a bit more complicated.You will have to use more herbs and spices because vegetables only barely contain UNAMI flavours, and therefore will not feel like a full-fledged meal. And when I’m home in the evening I want to table quickly. I don’t always feel like or time to make dishes with a whole list of ingredients that are cut, weighed, and according to in a certain order the recipe should be added.

Later, you can start looking for recipes that feel like a full meal without meat substitutes.You can then start working with ingredients like anyway, seitan, tempeh, jackfruit, mushrooms, nuts, and legumes.

But except for mushrooms and nuts, these are all fairly tasteless ingredients that need to be flavored.It’s not like meat that is with a little bit of pepper and so ready.

You can start with rissottos pasta and Indian dishes and do less meat in it (evt with fake meat)

For example Hybrid citizen

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