What are tips to make your own website load faster on browsers?

Many websites use WordPress.Wordpress is a so-called CMS (Content Management System) where pages are placed in a database.

When you visit a page, PHP code is executed that connects to the database, retrieves the contents of the page and displays them.

Very often, you don’t usually change your pages in WordPress.Your website is usually viewed more often (I hope) than you change your pages.

The best trick to make your website (very) much faster is by preventing PHP from loading and using the database.

So make your website static.So that is to say that when you use a CMS it only creates HTML files. You place it (with a plugin) for example Amazon S3 + CloudFront.

So when you change something in WordPress to your website, WordPress (or another CMS) will publish it for you to static HTML pages.That takes some more time with publishing, but the speed gain is very large.

As a result, your website usually becomes a factor or ten faster.Besides the speed, there is also a lot less hacking for attackers.

* Find a fast ISP (Internet Service Provider)

* Take a dedicated server so that only your traffic on that server runs with your ISP.

* Place small images instead of large
* Not too many widgets or other ingot sites in your website
* (store) Use software that is fast and not too heavy for your application
* ALSO put pictures and images on another server so that your site can agree on multiple kanaln to quickly get the images etc.

There are many things that can contribute to this:

1: (One of the most important) good webhosting (SSD drives, latest version of PHP, optimized caching) do not save on the foundation you are building on

2: Optimize your website.(There are a lot of tools to help you with this)

2a: Vb Your figures, do not allow figures of VB 10mb each, but optimize those for the web.

2b: If you use a CMS like VB WordPress then avoid as many plugins as possible.The less the better for your load time

3c: Some ‘ nice to have ‘ are: the lazyload of your figures and video, well optimized caching, a CDN link, an AMP version and much more

4: A self-written website (HTML) is normally always much faster than VB a ‘ page builder ‘.Because you avoid additional modules and scripts that are not actually needed and cause unnecessary load. (yes that can also be in VB WordPress)


Looking for a fast and SEO friendly WordPress website?With extensive personal guidance?


Check out Google’s tips for your own site on pagespeed Insights.That gives you a pretty nice picture of possible optimizations.

In addition, I can recommend you to load all external scripts via Google Tag Manager.

Want a super-fast mobile experience?AMP may also be a solution for you (depending on the type of website you have.

You can test the speed of a website with free tools like website speed and Performance Optimization

This tool also gives you many tips on how to speed up a website.

As a guideline, Google indicates that the speed of a website should be below 2 seconds.

Some of the components that affect this are:

1: Your server, a cheap server you mark directly in the speed.If you invest in a more expensive server, the loading times will be considerably faster.

2: The Great of a website.A site is often larger because of the amount of images used. Often these images are not optimized either. If your images decrease in pixels to a maximum of 1920×1080 for page-filling images and smaller images to ratio, you’ll save many Mbs. A free tool like http://tinypny.com can ensure that an average of 30% less space is seized again.This way you keep the number of MB’s of the website small.

3: The number of requests from other servers.The more information you request from other webpages the slower your site will become. A cache plugin can help with this. Want to know more how to speed up your WordPress website check out: WP Supporters | How we make your WordPress Website faster

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