What are tips to develop a better personality?

Can you change it as a human being? It is an age-old question, which is not obvious to answer. However, we know that habits are more than forty percent of how we spend our time.

What some people consider to be part of one’s personality like “being lazy”, or “antisocial”, is often about Behavior . And behaviour is now changing.Just think of yourself: you don’t behave in exactly the same way today as you were ten years old.

However, it requires a lot of work to change these aspects of yourself.These are 11 ways to help you make this change easier.

1.Split your goal into small action steps

Make it super-specific.To the point where you have a series of repeatable actions that you can perform every day or every week. This ensures that you always make progress. Do not set a vague goal like “eating less”. But decide what you’re going to do: choose some healthy meals and choose the sports activities you’ll be doing every week. Make it a plan, not just an intention.

2.Write a checklist

When you work on a long-term goal, it’s easy to get on a sidetrack and forget your daily actions.With a checklist you have a reminder for when it becomes difficult.

3.Make it a habit

Contrary to what is often said, it is not true that if you repeat something for 21 days, it is a habit immediately. However, the longer you do something, the more it becomes a second nature.But be aware that sometimes it will be difficult to continue.


Map your progress

Motivate yourself by mapping your progress.You’ll also see what’s working right away. Also feel free to share your progress with friends who support you.

5.Focus on what Works

Already heard of the 80/20 rule?The idea is that we do 80% of our time doing things that only contribute 20% to our goals, and only 20% of the time do the truly vital things that contribute 80%. If you can control what helps you the most, you’ll book more progress in less time.

6.Do not try to reinvent the wheel

If you want to slim down, try not to find a new diet that revolves around your favorite food.Keep you tested and proven principles. And don’t make it any harder than it is. Think of simple alternatives when something fails.

7.Make use of your existing habits

If you want to learn a new language, and already spend a lot of time in front of the TV, watch TV shows in the language you want to learn.You already have a habit, take advantage of it and use your habit for your new purpose.

8.Make the process enjoyable

Is There something you don’t like to do, but can you do it properly while listening to your favorite music?Do that. Do you want to do sports, but do you see it, and would you like to be among friends? Watch how you can exercise with friends.

9.Accepted failure

If it does not succeed, do not clay yourself.See objectively what you can do better next time, accept that a bump in the road is part of the road, and get back to work.

10.Don’t go too fast

This is often a brand of fitness.A novice goes 200% and pays the price by having stiff muscles the next day. He/she can no longer move and then stops. It Is better to start slow. Think how much you can handle, and don’t do it anymore.Contrary. You can always increase the amount of work incrementally. There is nothing production to burn up, so take care of a balance between working, resting and fun.

11.Don’t be too stubborn to ask for help

Almost all of us kick in the trap to ask for insufficient help. Is it out proud?Or for fear Of rejection? In any case: ask for more help to people who are well placed to guide you to your goal.

I’m curious what you’re referring to and think I might be able to help you in the right direction.

How you feel, how you think and how you do are affecting your personality.

If you want to improve this, I think of being better in life, better dealing with others and also discovering value in yourself, then your best can always go out of the worst and do the best in a situation.This will take your responsibility and that gives you meaning.

I myself think self-control is incredibly important, not all you want is good.Even though we see that we are increasingly living in a society in which people only do what they want. Nowadays people listen more to feelings than to facts.

Self-denial is also important (opting for another) This gives respect and when people respect you, you notice that you become full-fledged since and that can give you more confidence.

Always speak the truth even if it is not to your advantage, if you have spoken the truth, that is the best thing that is happening at that time.

It is noteworthy that such points are also found back in religions especially the Judeo-Christian, which is the basis of Western society.

I am very impressed with what Prof.Jordan Peterson says about “The meaning of Life”. If you want to know more about this you can find his lectures on YouTube.

So Live well!

Stand for what you think is right.

Be open to other ideas and research or that they are good.

If you have problems go to battle with yourself and seek help if it fails.

(If my post happens to be unprofessional, sorry first post, but I thought it was an interesting question to start with)

Reading books, gaining life, daring to make mistakes, staying, eager to learn, being creative and entrepreneurial, daring, seeing problems as challenges.More active than others. Know your boundaries. Making time for others…

LISTEN to what others are saying about your behavior (ask trustworthy people) once you know where it goes wrong you can change that habit.You can’t change something you’re not aware of. Mss ask people in your area, who are well in front of you, how they see you.

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