What are things you should do every day and take only about a minute of your time?

Making A positive difference in your life doesn’t always have to happen with a huge leap. As a coach, I do notice that our own beliefs hold us the most to improve our lives.

Therefore, with my coachees, I often look at small steps that they can often/daily put instead of big jumps. These small steps are more likely to be put to effective as well.That’s why I like to share some of those steps that you can put to change your own life in just a few minutes a day. So earlier 2mins than 1 minute. Because even brushing your teeth is better for 2 minutes than 1 minute.

These small steps will allow you to grow new habits that become stronger over time and thus change your life in a way that you don’t yet want.

Of Course, you should remember to take the step every day: Therefore, write it down and put the note on your bedside table to see each morning, or hang a post-it on your workplace.If you want and can, you extend the small step after a fortnight to more than two minutes a day.

1.Start with 2 minutes to work your main task

On some days you just don’t want to start, and you’d prefer to stay in the seat.Well, if you have so鈩?N day, just start working with 2 minutes on your main task.

Two minutes seems to do so鈩?N day too.And once you’ve started it’s often easy to do a little further…

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2.Increase your self-esteem 2 minutes

Every day you do something good or you will get something done.That can increase your self-esteem, provided you notice it. So book 2 minutes at the end of your (work) day and give yourself appreciation for what you did and thought.

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3.Breathe when you feel stress

If you start feeling stressed, anxious, irritated, take 2 minutes.Sit down and breathe deeply from your belly. Focus that 2 minutes on your breathing. This soothes your mind and body and afterwards you can get back to work with a calmer spirit.

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4.Make it easy to feel happy today

When you get up, tell yourself 芒 鈧?艗make it easy to feel happiness today. 芒 鈧?Eating, work, a coffee, the weather, little things in your life are no longer commonplace, but things that make you happy.Whatever else you take for granted, you start to appreciate it for a few minutes. That gives you energy and inspiration. Life becomes lighter and the great things in your life will continue to appreciate you.

5.Think 1 minute and give someone a sincere compliment

Spend one minute finding something you really appreciate to someone in your life and who is in your neighborhood in the course of the day. Spend the other minute giving that compliment.

He or she will be happy with it.You will feel good about yourself and also get positive feedback from that other person. A small but brilliant way to build positive relationships.

What little habits do you know or do you have to change your life on two minutes a day?Or which of these five are you gonna apply?

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