What are things that money will never be able to buy?

Nothing.With money you can buy anything. Some things directly, other indirectly.

Do not agree?Comment what you can’t buy with money and I’ll explain how it can.

As promised, here the comments.

1: Time.

How much time does ordinary people spend working on?Spoiler alert: very much. The richer you are, the less you have to work and the more you have time, for the things in life that really matter. So you can’t buy time, but do save, because you can afford it not to work.

2: Experience.

Work or life experience?If you would have more money, you could at least do a lot more. This way you can often go on holiday, get to know more people and much more. Because you can and will do so much with your money, you also have more experience.

3: Sense of appreciation.

Of others?Having a lot of money already makes for much appreciation from others, well you can even increase that appreciation by using your money for certain things. This way you can invest and earn even more money and/or donate a lot of money to charities.

4: Happiness.

“Happiness is an emotion and means ‘ being satisfied with the current living conditions ‘, or ‘ being happy ‘.”

One of the biggest causes of stress is money, more specifically, a shortage of money.Ever had that you were afraid you could not pay the rent? Or that you did not go on holiday for a few years because you didn’t have enough money for it? That problem is not there for rich people. At least they have no financial problems and are therefore happier.

5: Sense of meaning in life.

“The Meaning of life is a deeper meaning that the existence would be laden according to certain visions.”

As described, “according to certain visions” and that is exactly the phrase that determined my answer.Rich people make more of it, most of them see both sides of the arm-rich spectrum. So if there is a group of people who find the meaning of their lives, they are rich people.They have the time and the opportunity to discover them.

6: Intellect.

The Mind is the (human) ability to logically reason and is necessary to be able to learn.

The mind is synonymous with the thinking ability.The degree of development of that ability is intelligence.

7: Ability to understand.

8: Wisdom.

9: True Friendship.

People who are rich have more friends.”All fake friends who are only there for the money” I hear you think. Since I agree, wealthy people have friends who are only friends to the money and not the person. Here it comes; Be careful, it doesn’t matter that people start a friendship, eventually it can flourish into a real friendship.

10: A Long life.

If we were to look at the direct and indirect health factors that influenced the life expectancy of people, we see that many wealthy people do not have problems.To mention an example, rich people eat and are generally healthier, this is mainly because they make healthier choices.

11: Understanding fullness.

12: Creativity.

13: Authenticity.

14: Talent.

15: Combating unmedicated disease

Google itself but how many “unmedicable diseases” have been caused by developments in medical science.The only thing needed for that development? Time and money.

So, let’s say I have cancer.I happen to be also Jeff Bezos (the Richest man on earth). What can I do? Firstly, I would consider and use all the medical possibilities to keep me alive for as long as possible, so that there is more time for the research for a cure of cancer that I finance. If I were to die before there was a cure and/or death by a cure that did not work, I would have helped billions of people in the future in their fight against cancer because I helped with the development of medical science. Everyone would have appreciation for me and contribute to my happiness and the meaning of my life.

16: And of course, love!

As I said, anything you can buy directly or indirectly with money.So also love.

Love Actually has everything to do with biology.One seeks a partner based on attractiveness. Attractiveness indicates health, a sharp jawline in a man points, for example, to a high promotes content. These factors are determined by your genes, but they can also be edited by, for example, plastic surgery which costs some money.

Not only can one increase its attractiveness by cosmetic interventions, but also the clothing that the person wears, the status it has and so much more.All this can be partly changed with money. In the end, you buy indirectly love.

* * There are a lot of them, so I’ll go further. * *

It’s easier to ask what money can buy, that list is smaller.With money you can buy everything that people have been doing, the majority of the value of products (with clear exceptions) arises in relation to the hours that others have put into it and of course the value of the person (everyone has a Other value in this system). So anything people can make or find you can buy with money, and the rest don’t. Or, in other words, most Of the things you want to have can be purchased because the odds are that others want it too. Love and friendship seem to be exceptions, but with money you can get something that seems to be enough to fool you in any case. But since people are small, we simply cannot reach most of the things in the universe, and what we cannot achieve cannot be sold (unless you are the church).


Peace of mind

Well understood understanding for each other.

Real happiness.Real love for another.

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