What are the worst punishments that have existed in the history of humanity?

Crucifixion.The person then dies a slow suffocation death because the breathing is becoming heavier. If the victim also has a footrest, it can print some and the dying process can take even days.

Bird-free.The convicted person is completely expelled from the community and loses every right. Every one may kill or hurt him. As a non-person you will always have to hide and save yourself. This usually ends in a lonely death.

Evil spirits.At Aboriginals the condemned one is designated with a bone. Pointing this out is all the execution. The convicted person is so stripped of psychic that he no longer eats, drinks and sleeps and dies full of fear within a few days.

There are quite a few… Our ancestors were not only cruel but also creative.

  • Death by being boiled, in which the victim slowly (feet first) in boiling oil, water, wax or even melted lead was sunk.

A variant of this was the bronze bull, where a victim was imprisoned by the Romans. That bull was made so that the victim’s scream came from the bull.

  • The bloody Eagle, a punishment from Scandinavia in which the back of the slaughterhouse was chopped open, the ribs opened so that they crossed as a few wings, after which the lungs were pulled out through this hole and were sprinkled with Salt.
  • Spietsing.

Vlad the Spietser -Aka- Vlad Dracula who Was the model for Count Dracula had this as his favorite punishment.The stake was partially sharply made, and the victim was put on the pole (via rectum or vagina). Gravity did the rest, but quite slowly, it took sometimes 8 days before the victim died. For the last use during the ‘alleged‘ Armenian genocide between 1915 -1923.

  • The Roman candle.

The victim was rubbed with resin or another combustible well, then ignited (feet first). A favorite of Emperor Nero.

  • Suspended, the abdomen cut open andquartered.

First used in England in the 13th century, where the victim was slowly hung (sufferer), then the abdomen was cut open (with some luck you were first stitched, but that happiness did not have anyone), the organs including genitalia were Pieces cut and burnt and finally the victim was beheaded.

Guy Fawkes (who of the attempt to blow up the Parliament of England) got this punishment and did not want to. He broke his own neck by quickly jumping away from the galg.

  • Skinning.

The victim’s life is stripped of the skin. In one culture piece by piece over longer period, in other cultures all at once, where the art was to keep the victim alive until the whole skin was removed.

  • Eaten alive by Insects.

In this punishment, the victim was bound into a hollow trunk or boat, milk and honey was fed until the victim gets diarrhea and/or is going to surrender. The skin was then lubricated with even more honey and milk. After that, the insects that stabbing the victim or laying eggs under the skin came naturally. By the victim the continued feeding was prevented from dying of dehydration. Eventually, the victim dies by all sorts of infections that cause the wounds of the thousands of insects. This punishment was used in Persia. Maybe the worst punishment happened just before you get the ‘ punishment ‘ to endure.

It is the punishment of your entire environment that decides that you can no longer be.

I am thinking of stoning guillotine and in four division drowning death

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