What are the typical mistakes of a narcissist?

Widespread narcissist error:

  • They don’t consider that some people want to RECOGNIZE their narcissistic behavior and have nothing to do with them anymore.

For example, a very pretty and attractive narcissistic woman, who finds almost no rejection in the high society, can be thrown out of the way completely if someone ever replies a “NO” to her. They feel extremely “ATTACKed” by this “NO” and are therefore either totally devastated or disturbed, because otherwise they will hear a no. As their friend, they assume with a considerable self-understanding that you are giving them your car. If you don’t do it, you’ll drop down in its classification. They are totally surprised by people who recognize their true self.

  • They often give too much clues to suggest that they are narcissists.
  • So sooner or later others will get it. Narcissists are often very good at staying under the radar and hiding their narcissism under the guise of extrovertness. But if they repeatedly leave many small pieces of narcissistic behavior, then the others gradually get a clearer picture of them. They realize that the narcissist is only for his own personal advantage.

    • Most narcissists and sociopaths are very disingenuous and are often found in snowball systems, network marketing or generally “fast-rich” schemes.

    Their charm and helps them to clean the jacks as front door representatives for washing machines that no one needs anymore. In their world of thought, they really believe that they “help” other people. But in reality they are sleight of hand and fraudsters. HOLD YOU FERN of such people. When they tell you, “I have this unique opportunity that is worth several million… etc.” then DON’t GET INTO it. Unfortunately, everyone in their life is sometimes slapped over the ear by a narcissist or sociopath. With age, however, we become more and more trained to recognize the true nature of such crooked dogs. Protect your family from such creatures and don’t let them get away with their manipulations.

  • THEY SHARE WITH AND share their life story with others, as if they were trying to get them to write a book about it.
  • Narcissists are often very extroverted. They tell everyone how they feel and what they are working on. If they are hungry, they say it out loud. “I’M SO HUNGRY!” In doing so, they are revealing more details about themselves than would be required. Narcissists are just waiting for the moment until they can tell anyone what they’ve been doing lately. Their problem is that they speak more than listen. And when they listen to someone, it’s mostly disingenuous and they don’t listen properly. They lack humility and humility.

    • Most such people hang around in group chats or constantly post status updates.

    They are often in several different groups at the same time. When they are cut off from social media, it almost leads to a nervous breakdown and sheer desperation. Without the possibility to communicate their daily events to others, they feel hollow and empty, as if they did not exist at all.

  • Sometimes people accept the behavior of a narcissist because they are blinded by his chame and friendly personality.
  • But those who do not accept this bring the misconduct SOFORT AND CLEAR TO THE LANGUAGE. This shocks the narcissist, because he doesn’t even dream that anyone would do something like this. Normally, narcissists are very adept at lavishing out in the social environment and thus not being immediately fixed. This is also due to the fact that many people simply do not attach any value to these narcissistic nuances. But that changes when the pattern repeats. Introverts also tend not to call things out loud. However, if it is enough for them at some point and their buttons are pressed, they will not be able to hold back. When narcissists are confronted with their behavior, they often react speechlessly or by surprise. This is mainly due to the fact that their behaviour is rarely clearly expressed and made to be addressed.

  • The good thing about social media like Facebook and Twitter is that they save the entire timeline. When you get your hands on the posts of narcissists, you will find many contradictions. It is also possible for them to claim a thing and later change their minds completely. That wouldn’t be too bad if they didn’t deny that they changed their minds completely.

    In the following video (see below), a bunch of narcissists walk across the meadow.They trample flowers and damage nature just to take their selfies. ANOTHER MISTAKE. They’re just trying to collect “likes” on Instagram. Not a single moment comes to them the thought of what they are actually doing and how they are damaging nature. Even if they noticed, they pretty much didn’t care. If they were asked to do so, they would probably reply: “Ooh, I didn’t know that more prudence was expected of me” (although they knew better). Others, in fact, can be completely clueless. This is a clear sign of evil in narcissism… especially when you no longer understand what other people feel and it’s just about your own condition… when you are no longer able to perceive the social signals from the environment and the Benimm standards…

    NOTE: It is okay to express his creativity, talents or art and show others.But this is about the INTENTIONS behind it. Why do you want to take the pictures? Is it just about collecting “likes” and “followers” or it’s about the love of the hobby. It’s also about whether you’re harming other people (whether intentionally or unintentionally) or whether you’re violating their boundaries. It’s about dealing with others and their environment. This also includes thinking about the feelings you trigger with your actions in others…

    Many Youtube stars have stopped their videos because they have discovered how addictive fame is and how exactly it made them a fake.At first, she made it out of creativity and the love to express herself. In the further course, this has changed, so that many only pay attention to their ego, confirmation and for the catching of other people. Casey Neistat is a good example. He told everyone he was going to take a break. He has moved out of his studio and bought an old phone to get away from social media.

    Funny side note 1: “Death by selfies” is the result of the narcissistic attempt to make an epic picture and also to risk his own life recklessly for the sensation.It would have been easier to create such an image by Photoshop or to have it made by someone.

    Funny side note 2: Many rich people have the great desire to climb Mount Everest just to show that they can.They take a selfie at the summit to be able to specify exactly how great they are. They pay a lot of money for all the sherpas, without which such an ascent would not be possible. The Sherpas risk their lives for this endeavor and are usually underpaid. John Oliver presents this madness very well in his video.

    If you see such patterns of behavior in you, then it is probably time to practice self-reflection and think seriously about life.Understanding what excuses you have on your environment and the feelings you evoke in other people is important. It’s not just about you. And it’s not really my job to explain all this to you.

    Great people are characterized by sincerity, empathy, and they make sure that they give more to other people than they take.They walk humbly and modestly through life.

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