What are the top 10 philosophical questions in life?

The top 10 questions everyone has asked themselves:

  • What is nothing?
  • Who am I?
  • Is there a free will?
  • What comes after death?
  • What is good/evil?
  • Do I really exist?
  • Is there fate?
  • What would I do if I were immortal?
  • What three things would I take to a deserted island?
  • If I bite off one end of the sausage – is it infinite?

And because I’m in the mood for it, I answer the questions myself:

What is nothing? [1
Describe the following image to me:

Source: Still Life with Cheese


Did you realize that there is no apple in the picture? Why didn’t you say it? Above all, why didn’t you say that the apple is green?

There is no real benefit for us humans to describe things that are not there.Nobody talks about waking up in the morning and not having millions in his account. That is also the case with this question. It is interesting, but unnecessary.

Who am I?

This question may have had a significant impact on my life and is one of the last and best memories of my grandfather[2.In the meantime, I have come to the conclusion that “I” does not exist, although my body naturally exists as an accumulation of mass in this universe as an object.

Is there a free will?
No, everything in our universe is based on scientific reactions.I have a deeply deterministic view of the world.

What comes after death?
nothing.This seems a little unsatisfactory after the first question, but let me explain it:

Let’s say you’re reading a book.You like the plot, the protagonist is indescribable and the writing style absolutely captivating. At some point you’re through with the book. You fold it up, think about it for a while and put it back on the shelf. What happens to the characters? Right, nothing.

What is good/evil? [3

There is no good and evil.

Good and evil are reviews invented by man to express whether they like something or not.

When man is extinct, there will be no good & evil.In nature, these terms do not exist.

Do I really exist?
I have already answered the question (see Is there a free will?).

Is there fate?
I have already answered the question (see Is there a free will?).

What would I do if I were immortal? [4

  • Learning – You have an infinite amount of time to learn everything.

I would suck up knowledge until, in theory, I would master everything completely. I hope that by then there will be new breakthroughs in research so that I can have my cyborg operated on.

  • My body as an experimental object – If I can no longer die, I have nothing to lose.
  • Time no longer matters. I would dedicate my body to science and advance it for decades.

  • Founding a state/taking over an existing one – I have enough time to acquire the necessary knowledge and to do marketing.
  • It can’t be that hard.

  • Hurting myself/wanting to kill me – I know it sounds ugly.
  • But according to a 2014 study [Justthink: The challenges of the disengaged mind) we’d rather deal with electric shocks than be alone.So it’s very likely that I would hurt myself. Just because I would be curious.

  • Getting mad – It doesn’t get the human psyche well if you give it too much power, and immortality should be the highest form of power.
  • The experiment “Rhythm 0” [Reality 0 – A Terrifying Experiment has impressively demonstrated what we humans are capable of.I’m under no illusions. I wouldn’t be much better.

    What three things would I take to a deserted island?

    A machete to substend nature, a self-igniting gas grill to prepare food for me and a warming fire and a boat to go home.

    If I bite off one end of a sausage – will it become infinite?

    perhaps.If only Van Gogh hadn’t cut off his ear at the time…


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