What are the things you most surprised when you were traveling?

Restaurants in Shanghai that also never close at night…

Empty chairs for elderly in really bombed, bulging buses in Seoul, which remained unused until they were actually used by the elderly…

It has amazed me all the journey.

But still,

That one time,

Near Qingdao.China.

My wife and I were getting married, and needed beautiful wedding photos.

Take wedding photos at a friendly price, in a comfortable setting in a photo studio, equipped with air conditioning…

My wife obviously didn’t want that.

My wife had heard via-via about a photographic studio specializing in photo shoots on location.

This photo studio listened to the wishes of my wife via-via-via-via-also heard again about a beautiful, hidden, untouched piece of nature in the midst of a gigantic mountain area.

So we pulled under a seeded sun with a professional team consisting of a photographer, a equipment manager and a visagiste, at hours driving from Qingdao, deep into the mountains.

The trip to it was hels.

With all the equipment we walked up mountain, mountain off, we walked through a piece of forest, through scrub, crossed with bare feet a rippling creek over…

Hours later, bathed in sweat, without even having to come across one person, we seemed to be there anyway.

They had not lied…

Impression of the location:

We were speechless.

The place was indeed of an unprecedented beauty.

Great that we had found this last untouched piece of nature on earth!

We were landed in paradise, stood face to face with Mother Nature.

While my wife and I were dressing up, we heard behind a rock coming from some sound that suspected much resembled the flipping of the pages of a newspaper…

Hmmm, we looked at each other amazed and walked around the rock.

The was flipping the pages of a newspaper…

The AD of a week old to be exact.

We see a race-Amsterdammer sitting there, leaving the usual paths, by chance, having found this location.

Sitting on a rock with his feet in the water he enjoyed his lunch while he read through the newspaper.

I had come across fellow countrymen before:

In impossible locations in Norway,

In the desert in Morocco,

And in temples in South Korea,

But this Amsterdammer beat everything.

I noticed when I went across the border to Germany, Belgium and to other countries, the difference with prices, the amount of VAT.I always thought that every country in the EU would be roughly the same prices. But when I came to the Netherlands, more like 20 years ago, of United Kingdom, I found out that cigarettes were 3 times as expensive, and rolling tobacco was 4 times as expensive in the United Kingdom Empire.

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