What are the simplest things someone can do to make themselves happier?

Believe it or not, but it is usually quite easy to become a happier person.

But it’s also pretty easy to rob yourself of your own happiness. To make yourself feel more miserable.It is even very prevalent: people do it every day all over the world.

These are 7 habits that are in the wayof your happiness, but also what you can do instead if you are stuck in one of these destructive habits.

1.Listening to negative voices

You may not even notice it anymore. You are going to be with the same people, listen to the same radio programs, watch the same TV shows and read the usual newspaper and magazines.

But what influence do these voices have on your thinking and what you feel you deserve in life?

What to do instead:

Make a list of the 5 people you deal with most and the 5 media you spend the most time on during your week.

Watch them one by one, and ask yourself: does it pull me down or lift it up in life?

Consider to spend less (or no) time with those you pull down and spend more time with the people and resources you lift up and make you feel good and motivated.

If you have trouble with the preceding tip, look at smaller scale.Take a few minutes to think about a person or resource (newspaper, program,…) that has the biggest negative impact on you. And how you can spend less time with this week.

2.Waiting for the right moment

If you have a dream, it’s so easy to lose yourself in planning on how to accomplish it. Or to dream away about how it will be.But also to be stuck in the fear of failing to succeed.

And you wait -you might wait for years -at the right time to take action and get on with transforming that dream into something concrete.

What to do instead:

Sure, not every dream is something you can start now.But there are many that you can get started with. Dreams where only fear stops you.

So make it yourself easy.You don’t have to take a big and courageous leap right away. Instead, put a small step forward.Take one small action. That’s it.Then you can make a small step forward tomorrow. The important thing is that you get started instead of spending so much time just waiting and you feel more and more frustrated and unhappy about the state of your dreams.

3.Criticism coming up time and again

When someone criticizes you or attacks verbally, it can just slide off you like a duck’s water.

But if it arrives hard every time and pulls you down for hours or days full of self-doubt then you have a problem.

What to do instead:

Talk about it with someone who is close to you to give expression to the inner tension.And to find together a healthier perspective on what has happened.
Remember: It’s not always about you. If your self-esteem is low, it’s easy to think that all the negative things people tell you are somehow your fault.But that is often not the case. People will express attacks or harsh criticism to blow off their own steam. Because they have a terrible day or week or simply don’t like their lives. So don’t think it’s all about you.


Comparing yourself with others

If you think a lot about what other people have and do and compare your life with that of them, then you have a good recipe for misfortune.

Because you spend your attention and energy in the wrong place.

What to do instead:

Focus on yourself. Compare yourself with yourself.See how far you’ve come. Think of the obstacles you have overcome. How to improve in small or sometimes larger ways. Appreciate that and appreciate yourself.

Don’t Focus on what others have, but on what you really want in your life.

And ask yourself: What is a small step I can put today to get the ball rolling for this purpose/this dream?

Keep your focus on yourself and what you can actually do to increase your self-confidence, to walk your own path and to spend your limited daily time and energy on something that really pays off.

5.Do not give yourself rest moments during the day

If you are busy, busy , busy all the time and don’t give yourself time to recharge yourself, you will quickly get exhausted.

And then every step and every thing that you do will begin to feel heavier and experience no pleasure at all in pushing and pulling yourself.

What to do instead:

Take a break every hour. Set the timer on your mobile phone to 45 minutes.In that period you focus on performing your most important task at that time. When the timer expires, set it to 15 minutes and go away from your workspace. Take a bite, talk, do a walk or stretch a little. By alternating resting and working fully focused, you get more things for each other, do better work and it is easier to maintain your mood and your motivation.
Be 10 minutes early. Change your travel times during the day in relaxing breaks instead of periods that only increase your stress level and other negative feelings.


Never try anything new

You think it’s going well.You have your safe and comfortable routine.But at the same time you may also be denied a feeling of dissatisfaction.A vague sense of dwell that sometimes eruptions in undefined, negative feelings focused on the world or yourself.

What to do instead:

Remind yourself of past times when you tried something new. And how you usually didn’t regret it, but had an exciting, interesting or fun time.
Keep it small. You don’t have to go parachuting.Just take a small step and try some new and different music, a movie or book you wouldn’t normally go for or the vegetarian dish if you usually take charcuterie as lunch.
Say one time Yes this week when your mind says no . If a friend invites you to go jogging, do yoga, go fishing or go to a party and your mind goes “let’s say no, because this is not what I usually do”, stop here.And reconsider. You don’t have to go into any suggestion you get this week, but give it a try and say yes to one of those things.

7.Take things too seriously

If you take life too seriously, then it’s easy to be afraid to make a mistake.

When you take yourself too seriously, it becomes difficult to fully enjoy the moment, to let go of the past and laugh at yourself and life when you just need it most.

What to do instead:

Embrace yourself with a lighter mindset. As said by habit #1, what and with whom you surround yourself will have a great effect on how you think.So a powerful thing to do is to add lighter mindsets through people, books, blogs to your daily life.
Increase your confidence. You can laugh more about yourself when you are less defensive.When you have more confidence in yourself, you are less afraid of a temporary failure. And when you love yourself, you’re less worried about whether others like you all the time.

Be thankful.

It makes you happier and more positive, it relativises and arms you against negativity.

Easy way to increase your gratitude feeling is to write down 5 things every day before bedtime for which you are grateful (that day).

There have been several investigations into a causal link between gratitude and being happy (see Internet).That apparently exists.

Also sounds quite logical because when you stand still at what you are thankful for, you focus on the positive things in your life.

And it’s really a very small effort.

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