What are the simple yet creative things you saw on the Internet today?

Here is a photo of a child whose father made the school ranch himself because of the money!

Education is particularly important in a child’s life and sometimes lays the foundation for his future.

However, according to the United Nations, nearly 60 million primary school-age children are out of school. One of the most common reasons is poverty. There are many children around the world who have to work instead of going to school to help feed their families.

Even the basic things that most of us take for granted can prevent a child from receiving an education.Many families cannot afford school supplies because of their poverty.

Recently, a teacher from Cambodia shared photos of a school ranch a father took for his son.

Parents do their best to educate their children and thus hopefully live a better life.

When five-year-old NY Keng from Cambodia attended a new school, his teacher Sophous Suon noticed his school ranch.

She said that a simple school ranch would cost her about seven dollars, and many families couldn’t afford it.

NY Keng’s father, a farmer, decided to save the money for a run and solve the problem in a creative way.

That’s a really great dad.

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