What are the signs that you are suffering from bipolar disorder? At what time is it advisable to consult a specialist?

People with bipolar can experience prolonged alternating phases.Phases of intense awakedness, which are also called a mania or hypomania and phases of dejection, which are also referred to as depressions.

From bipolar disorder There are two primary types, namely type I which is accompanied by phases such as manies and depressions and type II which is accompanied by phases such as hypmanies and depressions.In addition there are still lighter subtypes such as Cyclothymie.

Type II is lighter and, for example, Hypomania is not accompanied by psychosis.A real mania or severe depression can be accompanied by a psychosis.

In psychosis, the person loses contact with reality and may have symptoms such as: deluses, hallucinations, confused thinking, speaking and writing and disturbed emotions.Also, a person with psychosis can suffer from little speech, lack of initiative, lack of energy, disturbed sleep-wake rhythm, excessive retreat and low expression.

In the case of a hypomania, there may be an increased mood, euphoria, irritability, less need for sleep, increased self-assurance, talk ill, a flight of ideas, increased libido or hypersexuality.

In the case of depression, there may be a bad mood, delusion, hallucinations, irritability, decreased libido, suicidal thoughts, decreased appetite, lethargy, disturbed sleep-wake rhythm, unable to sleep or sleep much.

Depending on how heavy the type is, it is generally advisable to seek help as early as possible.Psychosis can cause permanent damage to the brain. During phases with increased mood, the person often makes a lot of expenses and exhibits a lot of risky behavior, often with consequences. Also depression is not harmless and the risk of suicide is Real.

It is estimated that zo芒 鈧劉 N 1% to 3% of the population have a type of this disorder.The disorder is hereditary.

Bipolar disorder was formerly called manic-depressed.This term is clearer. I do not know why we have introduced the term ‘ bipolar ‘. Perhaps because it belongs to the task of the care sector to use different, conceit, terms for known diseases. It is also possible that you have simply taken over the English language jargon.

During puberty it is dead normal to have strongly varying moods.One moment you are, without reason, cheerfully cheerful and full of ideas, the other moment you are knocked down, you feel superfluous, ‘ I was dead ‘. During puberty it can be quite intense and also later you can have constant mood swings. You then have a bipolar personality.

At each summit a valley follows.

This is true for everyone. If you have a bipolar personality you can keep your moods in hand. Especially during the manic phase, which is really delicious, you have to take it easy. You then often have a high mind flight and it is a time of great creativity. But you can’t make decisions at that time, do expensive purchases, no unprotected sex, no big promises, don’t buy or sell a house. Don’t anyone say the truth or just leave your wife away.

The depression follows the mania.It’s a time to take it easy. If you are an artist and you had really good ideas during the mania, you can develop these ideas during the depression. Some people can write really very comical during a depression.

Yet spiritual rest is important to get back on top of it.

Women can also have mood swings through menstruation.This can also express itself in bipolarity. Here again, I think the best remedy is that you realize what’s going on and that you keep yourself in the hand.

Things really get out of hand when you make too much money during your mania, or if you run out of it like a bitch without even having to hold on to yourself.

In psychiatry, there is probably the idea that bipolar disorder is a disease you have, rather than a predisposition you need to deal with.So you have to find someone who can heal the disease. A physician-psychiatrist is the designated person for this. Probably he will prescribe lithium. A notorious remedy that flattens your moods, not to mention the side effects. No more so Manisch, to still be depressed. This is a very improvement, because the mania causes the inconvenience. Depressive patients are generally nice and quiet.

As with all mental illnesses, you are doing well to deepen yourself in the side effects of medication.Is The drug not worse than the ailor? About as much as you can better find out what exercises you can do, instead of swallowing the prescribed pain medication.

Bipolar interference is an alternation of phases of manic depression with phases of extreme joy and gladness.

If you determine this to yourself, after the second or third cycle, it is time to talk to someone about it.


You can start with yourself.No one knows you as well as yourself. Did you experience traumas in your past? The loss of a loved one, abuse, heavy stress are a few of the most commonly heard causes.

What we people often cannot do is estimate how this has characterized us.We often think that it all falls, that it is not so serious, or that we should not be so childish. Dear, dear people, take it seriousness. Take that experience and that which you have learned is extremely serious. Get help from a professional, someone who can help you with conversation therapy to make you aware of your harmful thinking and to help you build healthier thoughts. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. Then you have the opportunity to swallow medications. In all honesty, however, I must say that I have never touched anyone who was depressed without a serious childhood experience.

A second possible cause is the hormonal housekeeping.If it is interchangeably, for example, by a thyroid that produces too much (myself happens) then you can let it operate or treat it. The symptoms are usually very similar with a whole other cause.

Whatever the reason, don’t simply accept it.Stand up and seek the help of a friend, a coach, a doctor. The important thing is that you are aware that you have a problem and that you do something with it!

These are the symptoms for bipolar disorder

If the self-functioning becomes troublesome and the behavior of others is burdensome and/or jeopardized, it is advisable to consult a specialist.

But actually it is already in doubt about having bipolar disorder handy to let it investigate.

No idea, but maybe it doesn’t even fall on yourself and you better ask AA your surroundings if they perceive (annoying/annoying) change in behaviour.

If you get any thoughts in your brain and you can’t keep it in control.If you are in your underpants in the balcony. And you are blessed that you are a teen but that you are a man that admits this honestly. Had happened to me. And then I immediately had to see a specialist.

It is advisable to consult a specialist council if you have a specific question about his field.This question, the first of the two, I would ask a specialist.

According to my own experience, a bipolar victim does not know that he or she suffers from this disorder.I have a friend who refuses to admit she is sick and I know other people who are bipolar (including a psychologist!).

If you think you are bipolar, it is likely that this is not the case. But of course it would be best to consult a specialist.

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