What are the reasons to have little energy and determination? What did you do with it?

Low energy: Check

Determination: (in the sense of self discipline) check.

So maybe I can talk about it from my own experiences.I am very determined not to let it be lightly in the sense of conviction. I can continue to pursue a goal for many years, even if it seems (or proves) unfeasible.

What did I do with it?Well, I’m 65 years. It’s only been Sind for 11 years that a nod has come into my energy. So until my 54th I was pretty energetic. In addition to an intensive job, I was always active in civil society organisations as a director or volunteer.

When that stopped quite suddenly, I first sought and found physical causes: Vitamin D deficiency, inflammatory phenomena, medications that have fatigue as a possible side effect.But nothing you say: gut, gut, logical that you have so little energy, because everyone in those circumstances has that. No, vitamin D lack lifted (sun and pill), no noticeable improvement. Inflammations: Well a lot of people have rheuma-like phenomena or inflamed gums or bowel problems. I have all of that but very slight or occasional.

Then you are going to see to what extent your own behaviour contributes to that lack of energy, or in my case more that rapid exhaustion, because I start the morning equipped and with all sorts of plans and the chores I have in mind, seem like a piece of cake.But at an hour or 2 in the afternoon I am tired and I have only half done. Then I just want to sleep, and I usually do that too. Lovely couple of hours in bed. After that I am not as fresh as morning, but still fit enough to lead a couple of hours a meeting. And attending a meeting and having input there is no problem at all.

The Self-discipline (which might call your determination) seems to me to be a complicated co-factor for the fact that there is not enough work coming out of my fingers.

I used to put everything up to the last moment.But if it was necessary, I could also go for it: nights by working, putting everything aside to reach a deadline, it was obvious. Of course, the quality could have been a bit lower, but I had my life and work arranged so that I could do most things on my own, because others are obviously not waiting for a night to get through because I started late.

Every Tuesday morning there was a consultation that starts at nine o’clock, and then I put my little one on half eight, to go through a thick pack of quick trains, to have breakfast and to take a shower and to cycle to work.Gasping I then came up the stairs to take place just in time or just late at the meeting table.

But all of that suddenly went no longer in 2008.Exhausted. Op.

A search for causes and solutions began.After a few years I had reached a reasonable level, but more than a few hours productive work per day was no longer there. I stopped smoking, I adjusted my daily rhythm, improved my diet, started using such an air pump against apnea, but it wasn’t great. I ended up with chronic fatigue at the Dutch Knowledge Centre. I am now under treatment for a few months. This means that I learn as healthy as possible habits: daily rhythm, alternation and exertion, a lot of outdoor walking, realistic goals, setting priorities, slowly building up.

For me it works.Especially six times in a day, before and after a meal, a short walk outside, works refreshingly. In the evening before going to bed also makes me just a little easier the day to come.

It is not that I am once again the old, but it is, albeit with trial and error, a lot more manageable.

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