What are the rarest images you’ve ever seen?

These pictures are rare for me:

  1. Have you ever heard of the lake turning animals into stones?

This is the soda lake in Tanzania. [1

Animals that die in this lake are transformed into statues by calcification.The presence of large amounts of sodium bicarbonate makes them mummies. And due to the strongly alkaline accumulation, the lake looks red. Don’t even think about going there!

Here are some rare pictures:

And some of the animals that became statues:


Ever heard of the Devil’s Bridge?It is also known as the Rakotz Bridge. [2

Built in the 19th century, it is known for its unique design accuracy, where the bridge and its reflection merge into a complete and perfect stone circle, no matter where you see it from.Based in Germany.


Underwater park in Austria[3

Have you ever heard of a park in the water?

This list will not be complete without some beauties underwater.One of the strangest places in the world, located on the green lake in Trag枚脽, is not only a gag, but a real park that goes underwater in spring.

Some rare pictures:


Cao Cristales – the most beautiful river in the world [4

In the summer months, this river turns red.In fact, the riverbed is covered by a unique plant species, and that’s what turns red. Based in Colombia.


confluence of the rivers Rhone[5and Arve[6

There is a defined contrast between these two rivers in Switzerland, one is blue and the other brown.Due to the difference in density, they never completely mix. Based in Switzerland.

Some photos:


Lake of Stars

Bioluminescent sea plankton, which glows bright blue at night, makes the sea area on the island of Vaadhoo look like the sea of stars. Located in the Maldives.


Krzywy Las[7

Have you ever come across strangely shaped pine trees off Nowe Czarnowo near Gryfino in Western Pomerania?Welcome to the most bizarre place in the world. Very few people visit this region, so the place itself is a secret. In an otherwise normal forest in Poland, full of straight trees, there is this collection of curved trees for which there is no scientific explanation.One of the strangest places in the world, indeed.

Take a look at these pictures:

at night:

Thanks for scrolling!

Great pictures I’ve never seen before – which is why I wanted to share them with you!




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