What are the pros and cons of young parenting?

I was 19 when I became a father and that was not planned.About a year after the birth of my son, we went apart. I am a person with a strong sense of responsibility and therefore I wanted to distribute the education honestly 50/50. The image I had for me when we were given a child was that we would do it together and form a family. While I know now that she knew or could know, through a little self-reflection, that we had no future together. But I was still too young to be able to see that and that is a danger when you get young children. You are responsible for your child even if life does not run as planned. This is certainly not the life I had in mind, but it was so walked without me having to say anything about it. Whatever happened you can’t run away anymore, it’s a commitment to life.


  • You are still young and full of energy.

Because of this we have done so many fun active things together. Visited the largest and most greasy swimming pools paradises, amusement parks, skiing, inline skating, karting, but also every week we do a little ball.

  • There is no generation gap because we care only a generation.
  • So when we play a game of FIFA 19 I am a worthy opponent and sometimes I even win a jar (I would like to believe that this succeeds me on my own strength but I have serious clues to suspect him that he lets me win). 😛

  • He’s that kid with the cool daddy.
  • I have often assisted in primary school activities and have also been a year class parent. Normally that is embarrassing for a child, but not now. In his words, I had to be glad that he is not yet ashamed of me as opposed to other children who already had it.

  • Luckily we haven’t reached that point yet, but if he’s a year or 16 then I’m only 35 and that’s quite young.
  • Disadvantages:

    • You haven’t built up a career yet and probably not as financially stable.
    • All your dreams or plans to travel or study abroad may be the trash can.
    • Your friends lead another life so you lose sight of it.

    Parents of classmates and boyfriends are generally older and have already furnished their lives. Hard to make friends.

  • Building a new relationship is practically impossible.
  • I am in principle opposed to continually involving new people in my son’s life unless it is serious. Moreover, my child is always with me from Thursday to Sunday evening. The other days I need to work and study. So too little time to meet women and make out whether there is a real click and the chance of success.

  • Finally, there is that inevitable underbelly feeling that plays out every now and then.
  • The feeling that your childhood has passed you and that you have lost things in life. That feeling cannot be rationalised. Of course you got something very beautiful for in the place. I love my child’s soul and I can’t imagine or want to live without him. Yet there is that gut feeling which does not go away. I don’t know if other have that too. It might be reinforced with me by my child’s mother. She is 12 years older than me so she has just had her childhood. She is now disapproved and does not need to work. So it is half of every week completely free and I have never had a day for myself. If I ask for it, she would do it but she knows exactly what to say so that I will feel guilty about it. Your childhood is down to the Kloten, you are financially limited and you hardly know how the world works.

    Against that you are 40 they are out of the house and you have a lot of free time.

    Benefits, you have energy to play with your children.And if all goes well you can stay with them longer, because you are still young. They will hopefully not be elderly at an early age.

    Cons, if you are very young you may still want everything (not everyone) and then that can no longer be so easy.

    And might also be more likely to get better financially if you age older.But that too is not always so.

    The advantage is that you are young when they go out of the house.
    Disadvantage is that you are not so sure of yourself when deciding to take decisions.


    • If you have fertility problems (early menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, decreased fertility man, etc.) you can get back on time and do as many things as possible.

    Parenting is not something everyone just gets and the older you get the less chances you have.

  • Your chance of miscarriage is lower
  • More energy
  • Generation gap is less large
  • Experience a bigger part of your children’s life
  • Opportunity to become young grandparent and be an active grandparent.
  • Maybe you can even meet your great-grandchildren.


    • Financially it is often heavier
    • Making a career will be less fast.
    • If you want to make a career, you will lose precious time with your children
    • Your own parents are still working and have less time to adjust.

    It’s personal what you think is most important

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