What are the paradoxes in life?

Paradoxical concepts/thinking loops – adopted by “common sense”

“This abundance has made me poor.”
“Plenty has made me poor.”
“Inopem me copia fecit.”
Ovid, “Metamorphoses”, Book III, verse 466

War is peace,
Freedom is slavery,
Ignorance is strength.”

George Orwell, “1984” Three lined Oxymora

“Invisible visible”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust I, verse 3450

“Long live death!”
“Viva la muerte!”
Spanish Falangists’ Slogan in the Civil War

“Former Future”
Ödön von Horvath, “Youth without God”

“Unity in Diversity”
The motto of the European Union

“Open Secret”
“Apparent Secret”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “West-Eastern Divan”, Contradictio in adiecto

“Proper” Romance”
Erich Kästner, poem “Real Romance”

“Black Milk”
Paul Celan, poem “Deathfuge”

Silent scream
American thriller, 1994

“Hurry with a while”
Héte-toi lentement
Chi va piano va sano!
Name of a Swiss-Italian board game

“Less is more”
“Less is more!”
Poultry word

Black Sun
Twelve ring-shaped mirrored siegrunts orthree swastikas placed on top of each other

“Egg legend” Wool milk sow”
Colloquial German phrase

Paradoxical phrases – adopted by “common sense”

Intentional oversight

Old boy

Exception Rule Exception Exception

Accessible prison

Civic nobility

Semi-detached house

Meat cheese

Peace tanks

Determinative composite


Two-way aggregate states

Freezing fire

Blessed Guilt – ‘xa0 Felix culpa

Indoor swimming pool


Love of Hate

Jauchzender Pain

Loud silence

Round Square

Black mould

Self-help group

Impure Virgin

Invisible visible


Sad joy


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