What are the opportunities for optimal target group analysis?

Target group analysis plays a major role in marketing.If campaigns are set up and the first prospects for your service are to be found, then you can already use your email software to ensure that you can separate interested parties and less interested users. If you want to set up a target group finding optimally, a good sorting should be done, which is not always based only on demographic characteristics.

Those who no longer open should no longer be considered for every newsletter in the long term.Sort out senders who don’t read your mail. In the same way, of course, you can also segment by gender or other demographic characteristics present. If you do not have this information, you can also start with a simple segmentation of the target group, which first incorporates user behavior and simple demographic data. In the following article, we show what specific techniques can help.

  • Opportunities and characteristics of segmentation in the context of target group analysis

After the first dispatch of an email campaign, the returns can be used to target the next shipment in a more targeted manner.With the information obtained, people can be better classified and valued for their own business activities. Segments can now be sorted using the following criteria.

  • Click-Throughs
  • Opener, Non-Opener (Open Rate)
  • Residence
  • elder
  • Sex

This has the advantage that prospective customers receive preferred content and are better “supplied” than customers who show no interest.There is therefore a possibility that the marketing campaigns can be created specifically.

  • Target group analysis in marketing – optimally designing target group finding

The aim of the target group analysis and subsequent segmentation should be to address the interested parties even better and more individually.The way it looks can be very different.The individual approach leads to a closer bond and better customer contacts even in many cases. Email marketing reaches the customer better and the contact management leads to an automatic intensification of customer contacts. Marketing measures can also be made even more targeted with the classification of the addressees.As part of the target group analysis, not only simple demarcations,but also different design variants can be planned.

  • Develop individual solutions according to target group analyses

Customer groups can also be determined and better addressed in the course of target group segmentation.The focus of the target group finding is also to create the possible solutions for the target group. With the feedback of the target groups, the product range can be improved and customer satisfaction significantly expanded. Problem solving can be very different for subgroups. There is the possibility to use different techniques.Solutions can also be adaptations for the target group.

  • Techniques of target group analysis

Segmentation within the scope of target group analysis is primarily intended to avoid scatter losses and to make online marketing more efficient.Precisely due to low CTRs and poor open rates, segmentations create the advantage of increasing this and increasing the number of satisfied customers. Also the part of the mails that are moved by addressees to the recycle bin can be reduced at least.

(a) Segmentation by demographic factor:

A segmentation by age and gender can make sense first of all to recognize which customer group belongs to the target group core.In the case of a young target group, some of the payment power may be lacking. On the other hand, if the target group is middle or old, great attention should be paid to quality aspects. The older the target group, the higher the demands are usually. Other aspects are also becoming more important. Comfort and usability are then particularly in demand.

b) Modern targeting in marketing by behaviour

Especially when companies have the opportunity to track users, completely different possibilities of targeting can be used.What information is of interest to the customer? Which topics are at the center of the urge to know? Especially in e-mail marketing, such information is valuable and even more important than age and gender.

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Local advertising for local products

A classic target group analysis example results in the use of regional portals.For example, if you restrict your customer groups to the Dortmund area in online marketing, local advertising formats (local industry directories, etc.) make sense for you. Here you can sometimes find the right target group. Local offers such as the Yellow Pages or Local Social Media offers can sometimes be the right medium here.

Use industry portals and specialist portals

Industry portals and specialist portals are wonderful ways to address the target group directly and to get into direct contact with interested parties.The majority of customers are also immediately suitable contact persons. This is a popular way to optimally carry out target group identification and to address decision-makers directly.

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